Fire Water Pump Station Design, Piping Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), Flow diagrams and Hydraulic Calculations

Using AutoCad and Elite Fire, I can provide complete Fire Protection design.
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Published 3 years ago
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  • Could you please share CAD file to sir. I'll appreciate.
  • Hi @Sesinando Tibule pls send dwg to
  • hello sir can i ask for a drawing copy of your work? thanks in advance :)
  • Hi Sesinando, hope you're doing great. If you're considering sharing a CAD file publicly, feel free to edit your upload :) Sharing non-image files wasn't an option before and we added it as a feature recently.
  • Sesinando Tibule (author)
    @MacKenzie Brown. Okay i will consider your suggestion. Thanks.
  • Can you please send me this design to my email
  • Pls send u autocad file to
  • Sesinando Tibule (author)
    Drawing sent.
  • Hi
    Can you send me the CAD file of P&ID diagram to email:
    Thank you...
  • Hi Sesinando Tibule,
    Could you send the CAD file of P&ID diagram to mail ID ?.
    Thank you
  • Thanks Mr. Tibule. If possible can you also send me P&ID dwg file? Resulation of picture a bit low.
  • Sesinando Tibule (author)
    Drawing sent.
  • Please, can you send me dwg fles?
  • Sesinando Tibule (author)
    Okay i will share the drawings.
  • @Sesinando Tibule Hi, could you share the CAD file of P&ID diagram to my email at