ELF emergency light | lamp | flashlight

Due to its infrequent use, a flashlight is often difficult to find and when found the batteries may lack charge. Emergency lights on the market are not designed for everyday use. The lamp carries both decorative and functional value; value for which users are willing to pay extra. The ELF combines a flashlight, which is always charged and easy to find, an emergency light and a lamp, in a stylish, efficient, high quality package. The ELF uses sixteen highly efficient LEDs (light emitting diodes) as a light source. The light is channeled through side emitting fiber optic cable; eight cables on the outside of the lamp provide a soft ambient light equivalent to that of a 60-watt light bulb. These cables are then routed to the lens joining the remaining cables to provide an ample beam of light for a room or dark path.
Published 4 years ago
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