Design, Thermal and Structural Analysis of An In bed Header and Tubes Assembly

Header and tubes assembly are placed inside the heater of furnace such as fluidized bed combustion (FBC). FBC Used fine coal 0-8mm size. The hot sand and air emerging from beneath causes to melt the coal and produce heating flame up to 2200℃. The hot water at pressure 7MPa and 125℃ enters from header01, while passing through tubes its temperature rises up to 280℃ which causes it to converted into steam. The steam taken out from header02 and uses for industrial process. OBJECTIVE: To design the 3 Dimensional model of tubes and header assembly by using dimensions form drawings. To approximate the various temperature distribution effect on material strength during combustion. To approximate the Heat flux through tubes using thermal analysis. To approximate the structural strength under high pressure and temperature conditions using structural analysis.
Published 1 year ago
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