Complete Bottling Line

This is a Complete Bottling Line , which I have design for a client .
  • Lucian
  • REDA
  • Michael Dimou
  • Blue Ridge Drafting
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Published 4 years ago
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  • Hello, can I buy this model? I need it max. How much?
    Thank You
    Jakub Travnicek
  • impressionnant
  • Michael Dimou (author)
    They do exactly the same, in my company just make 2d plan with the machines of the production line, but because I like the three-dimensional display sat down to draw, so therefore this is the result. certainly it was unnecessary but me gave me enough satisfaction. thank you sir
  • That's really impressive. I've had to develop quite a few 2-dimensional layouts for manufacturing lines, but never had the chance to do a comprehensive 3D model. I would have loved to do so but the company I worked for never deemed it a necessity to fully render the different work cell designs.
    Unfortunately, not taking a step like this led to quite a few installation and work-flow problems problems once we began implementation that could have been avoided with step like this.
    Excellent work Sir.