Hi All, You can tell me your opignon please? it was my entrance to the luxury ballpoint contest
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Published 3 years ago
3d ballpoint design reda


  • REDA (author)
    We will find ourselves in a new design OK,;) you are sympathetic
  • REDA (author)
    In any case I do not touch the two gray LOOL hihihihi sorry but I hate this style!
  • And last?
  • Yours!
  • REDA (author)
    and sencond ?
  • My one obviously!
  • REDA (author)
    Hi DesignAssist,
    thanks for your like which is more expensive than the contest price;)
    Question: Let's imagine that you walk in the beautiful streets of London and you find the pens of the contest on the ground which ballpoint you take which ...? Choose
    this question is for everyone! ;)
  • REDA (author)
    I hope we see them participate and win other prizes
  • REDA (author)
    one day a customer to ask 3d files to all participants. and at the end a participant mistere to win (doubtful). it is for this rason that I never give my 3d file before
  • Hi Steven
    So they are the same design, you just finished off the design properly for the winner. Maybe you should have asked for the 1st prize as you did all the work.
    Thanks for clearing that one up.
  • Hi @DesignAssist. i just did what he asked. sorry for being not fair. I have no choice, he added the second prize for make sure that i join with her project. (maybe what he need is render file for example) actually i did what he need for several days. and tottally that wasnt easy.
    I hope my explanation can make you understand what actually happened.
  • REDA (author)
    Ricky3DVFX thank you so much. For your. Opignon
  • ball point looks amazingly bold and thick
  • And how do 2 totally different designers come up with exactly the same design - and why would the buyer pick 2 designs that where exactly the same? Very odd.
  • REDA (author)
    Luxury sorry !