Automotive Roof Design (BiW)

It is the design of BiW ( Body in White) of an automotive roof. Front roof rail is one of the important parts in the inner panel of the roof for proper strength and rigidity. Front roof rail is the most important commodity which give as reinforcement and has mounting features like bracket map lamp and room lamp. Proper care has been taken to provide space for welding and part joining. For additional strength, embosses are been provided. Rear roof rail is similar to the front roof rail. Rear headroom and rear visibility criteria are considered and also tailgate will be mounted on the rear roof rail so tailgate conditions have to be considered while designing the rear roof rail. Bow roof is been provided for additional strength especially against snowing condition and rollover situation. In this model, one bow roof has been provided between rear roof rail and centre roof rail. Centre roof rail is attached to the roof by a spot welding method. No embosses has been provided. It can be added as per required strength of the car. Ditch area is been provided on all the four sides of the roof. Roof ditch areas are provided to mount roof to the main body of the car also to mount windshield glass for the front ditch area, and to mount tailgate to rear ditch area
Published 2 years ago
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