Architectural Construction Documentation services for Historical building

Renovation and Extension of Top Floor in a Historic UK Commercial Building” entailed a thorough transformation of the top floor of an aging commercial building in the United Kingdom. With a primary focus on maximizing usable space while preserving historical elements, our role in the project involved generating detailed construction documents, building regulation sets, and fit-out drawings based on survey data and client specifications. The client’s vision was to convert the historic structure into a contemporary, functional space, optimizing the top floor to meet modern needs while maintaining architectural heritage. Challenges included balancing modern requirements with the preservation of historical features, navigating intricate UK building regulations, and effectively maximizing usable space within existing constraints. The project’s value addition lies in the delivery of detailed construction documents, building regulation sets, and fit-out drawings, providing a clear roadmap for renovation execution, ensuring regulatory compliance, and seamlessly integrating modern amenities while preserving the building’s integrity. This successful undertaking exemplifies our commitment to delivering quality **[BIM services](** tailored to the unique needs of our clients, contributing to the enhancement of the commercial property’s value and utility.
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