Alarm Clock Design

Hey, guys here I show you one of my favorite project and which is Sunrise Alarm clock. BASIC FUNCTIONS: 1. It sunshine your every morning with pleasant natural sound and also brighten your morning like the Sun beside you. 2. It comes with a wireless charger so you can easily disconnect it whenever it wakes you up. WOW!! What now? Is there anything else it can...? and Answer is Big YES 3. There is mobile stand behind the alarm so you can easily put your phone safely with alarm and you can save your time to find it when you wake up. HAHA Project Work: I did ideation design for this and also made variant and comes with this. I applied Golden ratio with this product which gives it a cool look. I make up it with KEYSHOT 6.0. Though I made it with out box thinking so I didn't apply any DFM technique. Thanks and hope you like this product.
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