INTRO OTS are an Australian based technology company developing a world leading suite of IoT based sensors for utilities. Ranging in applications from distribution transformer load and power quality tracking to power demand response, the devices all track data in real-time. OTS sensors are both low cost and world leading in technology. WHAT EMBER DID Ember took on the challenge to design a suite of devices which were uniform in aesthetic and functionality. In an industry loaded with bland screw-on lid black boxes, a line of devices which in functionality and aesthetic matched that of the world leading technology developed by OTS was required. 3D printed prototypes were followed by low volume vacuum cast production, with injection molded production tools expected for late 2018. THE RESULT The design boasts a screw free assembly and weather proofing via seals and potting mixture. The units are the smallest and lightest in their field and highly competitive in cost. The sleek matte black aesthetics feature company silkscreen branding and interchangeable lids for different product types.
Published 1 year ago
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