INTRO Doog are renowned for fun and innovative dog play toys. The Navy Seal characters are for water play. The distinct requirements for a dog’s water play toy is to be rugged to general chewing, and floatable. In this case, the toy needed to float with the head facing out of the water. WHAT EMBER DID Ember undertook the design from an illustration and transformed it into a series of 3d character designs. Following this came the separation of the parts and material selection to gain the right weight distribution for upright floating, durability and safety. The last step was refining the design to a level which can be manufactured at the target price point. THE RESULT The prototypes were road tested with great success. The toy has been enjoyed by dogs the world over. By standing upright in the water and having a torpedo shape, its great for throwing and fetching in all types of water environments.
Published 1 year ago
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