1985 TOYOTA 4RUNNER HARD BODY COMPLETE SET Project which I made in (hidden) for American company RC4WD. It was project outside of UpWork (I had no popularity here at that time). Complete body set of combined plastic, metal parts, standard elements and fasteners. 100+ different unique parts modeled in SolidWorks, include BOM, 3D printing set for prototyping and Keyshot renders. Firstly I made 3D model of full body exterior using photos and blueprints from internet and standard chassis model. Then was the longer process which consist from body splitting on doors, hood, roof, tail gate and many other elements; realistic interiors modeling (I have completely used photos for that); different mechanical works as openable doors, hood and tail gate. Too much for desribing everything here. Project took about 10 months. That include full modeling process, discussing differnt changes and project details with client. It was produced in less than 1 years after I gave all files to client. I think they made it in 10000 products and they are already sold out. Very hard project which took part of my life but gave me a lot of knowlendges and experience!!! (hidden)
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