Hourly 3D Animation Services

Need ongoing 3D animation services?

Hourly animation services are a great way to to receive ongoing help from a pre-approved 3D animation expert.

Hire a freelance 3D animation designer, 3D animation modeller or 3D animator on an hourly basis for ongoing work.

Cad Crowd’s hourly services work well for large ongoing animation projects or for projects with an open scope. Hourly services for pre-qualified 3D animation designers and 3D animation modellers are available from as little as a 10-hour time block.  Contact us for more information about hourly services or to discuss your animation project options.

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Timesheets and reporting
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How hourly 3D animation design & 3d animation modelling works

Summarize your project

1. Summarize your project

Let us know what software you’re using, the end use of the designs, deadlines and any other important details about your project.
Pre-qualified expert contractor

2. Pre-qualified expert contractor

We connect you with a pre-qualified expert based on the scope of your work, software required, and time commitment needed.
Getting started

3. Getting started

Simply purchase a 10-hour time block, and within hours you’ll be able to communicate with the freelancer and access our time-tracker.

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