Hasan Bolukbasi

TR Turkey

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To get things started, let me highlights some key accomplishments of myself. •Certified SolidWorks Professional international Solidworks Certificate (by SolidWorks Corporation) with expertise in sheet metal, weldments, animation, and simulation. •Competent at performing 3D modelling in SolidWorks •4 years of engineering experience in drawing and modelling in 3D scene movable platforms, movable cinema screens and mechanical parts of excavators. •Thorough knowledge of Static Analsys with FEA ; Worked on many projects using ANSYS Workbench. Additionaly, I graduated from Gazi University Mechanical Engineering Department. I have been working in a company as mechanical designer and static analyser in numerous projects. Overall, you can count on me as a reliable engineer who will get work done on time and with better quality than most others.