Global rank:
510 / 17,688
Skill pts: 35
I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and have worked as a Chief of department for vehicles and machinery these last six years. In that Department daily I communicate with suppliers, make analysis, defect inspection on vehicles and I organize repairs of damaged vehicles and machinery, also calculated, and analyzed data, and prepared reports.I have worked with practically every type of engineering software and application especially with AutoDesk software (AutoCAD, Invertor). For some machinery and vehicles is not possible to find mechanical parts and with above listed softwares I create technical drawings these parts and produce replacement part.
In Company also work as internal supervisor for heating and air conditioning.
My education and work experience give me a wide range of theoretical knowledge, but also an insight into the practical aspects of the business and the importance of organization and teamwork.
I am very reliable and organized, and willing to work and learn.

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  • Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Slavonski Brod in 2005 (Mechanical engineer, Production and Organisation)


Odzak, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina