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My name is Chi-tai (Terry). I was born and raised in Taipei City. I have been working as an Industrial Designer for about eight years. My last job was an in-house designer for Master & Dynamic, a headphone and speaker brand, based in New York City with manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China. I worked with team members from Australia, Sweden, and New York in an international base design team that directly reported to the CEO, Jonathan, of New Audio LLC. I also worked with onsite PM, ME, EE, and the Acoustic Expert during the times when I lived in China. For my job, I had to regularly fly between Taiwan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to push projects forward.

I’m always fascinated by beautiful products and modern designs in various fields. Instead of expanding an idea just on paper or 3D software, I’d like to take more time to do the design research, market survey, and then discuss it with other people from different fields. Furthermore, I like to study the physical characteristics of the materials. Design is not just about beautiful curves and shapes. It’s also about problem-solving with the material and mechanical?
I not only love sketching and 3D modeling, but I also love to physically create something. I believe a designer has the mission to be responsible for our society and environment.

I also have the experience of being the founder of Fonoco, a brand that sells handcraft Bluetooth speakers made with teak and wood. I was in charge of the logo design, product development, handicraft making, photography, and marketing strategy. In the end, it was sold in the Eslite bookstore.

Being an Industrial Designer is not about how many products you sold but about how many people you influence. I can’t wait to do the next big thing in the future.

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  • Industrial deisgner Master & Dynamic · Full-time Sep 2018 – Apr 2020 1 yrs 7 mos Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China Master & Dynamic — a headphone and speaker brand -- which base in New York City and manufacturing in Shenzhen, China. Our team members come from Australia, Sweden, and New York as an international base design team, which directly reporting to the CEO Jonathan of New Audio LLC. While I live in China I work with onsite PM, ME, EE, and of course the Acoustic Expert. For that, I regularly fly among Taiwan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to push the project going forward.

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