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Inventors, Corp. a Start up Florida Corporation seeks talented Web and 3D Design Individuals to facilitate the Website and 3D prototyping process of our Company, We already have many patent pending products and Designs. We have a new way of thinking and wish to spread the wealth of our products where everyone involved benefits from the long term aspect of royalty and licensing agreements.
This revolutionary new approach allows a lower out of pocket expense for inventors that would otherwise not be able to afford the process. We all absorb a portion of the cost for the long term percentages InventorsCorp seeks out great Ideas and facilitates them using our in house approach.
Pay, Commissions and Percentages can change per product due to detail and complexity of the project or product. All designers will also get credit and portfolio rites to any and all Product designs. This is a new approach to the entire process lets spread the wealth. We look forward to working with you. Watch for our projects coming soon.

Inventors, Corp. "Founded by Inventors for Inventors". Troy Testa / Inventor

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Palm Beach, FL, United States