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I am a highly energetic and passionate engineer who will give his absolute best every single time. I am an icon of confidence and a great team player. I am a leader in every aspect and people will definitely look for inspiration and support from me. I can understand team dynamics much better and someone who is capable of keeping a cool head under heavy pressure. I thrive under heavy pressure and love working in such situations. To say in short, I am the person whom will make it count and be relied upon in times of need. For me engineering is a love, passion and something which value more than my life. I am highly skilled engineer with very strong technical knowledge. I am very proficient with many CAD software packages and also proficient with Ansys software. I can do any task in a much efficient and proper manner. My designs have always exceeded the required performance parameters and have always been successful. I am a critical thinker, so most of my thought process will be much more unique. I have been trained to use many idea generating tools enabling to formulate large number of ideas. I chose to be an open innovator to challenge this aspect of engineering and to gather more experience as an engineer. I am a valuable contributor of any team in which I am part of and every single concept which I have proposed have always made it to the final design of my team. I want to say that irrespective of the team or the task which is given to me, I will make a difference towards the right direction.