(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)-Actually. Company name MIZAR (Barcelona). Chief Engineer.

MIZAR, Técnicas de Mezclado S.L., is a firm that designs and manufactures mixing machines employing cutting edge technology to achieve perfect homogeneity of dry and semi-dry products covering different sectors of: mortars and derivatives, refractories, gypsum, smelting, inertisation, abrasives, ceramics, glass…
We have specific models for each sector that are adapted to the requirements of each product and client.
Our mixers stand out for being the fastest on the market, for our high mixing quality and constant innovation through our R&D department, endorsed by the satisfaction of our customers on the domestic and international markets.

(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden). Company name SIDASA Engineering. (Barcelona). Engineer Supervisor / Project Engineer

SIDASA Engineering is one of the world's leading integrated surface treatment company with 65 years’ experience, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. SIDASA develop machines to many fields of the surface treatment industry. Researching for design, manufacturing and commissioning of fully automated plants.

SIDASA Engineering is full present in automotive industry. The company portfolio includes OEM, TIER I and TIER II. We supply a wide range of solutions not only for plastic but for metal surface treatment as well.

At present Responsible for project supervision line assembly in Singapore of a line of automatic painting by means of conveyor system and use of robots for painting. Duration of the project 6 months.

Participation in the design and development of the entire line. construction of plans and structural calculations.

During the project visits have been made to suppliers to evaluate qualities of products to be supplied during the assembly of the plant.

(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden) Company name WorkPlane design. (Barcelona). Mechanical Engineer / Project Engineer

Company that offer B2B solutions for industrial design and product development.

Product design from idea to marketing. Use of core tools, APQP, PPAP, AMEF, SFC, MSA., In order to design, develop, prevent, measure, control, analyse and approve the designed prototypes, in order to comply with the quality and functionality desired by the client. Control of prototypes, support to mold design, study of programs of continuous improvement for production line. Companies for which I made projects. SIMON Tech, S & P, Parkcare, Pulltex, Sidasa, Ficosa.

(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden). Company name DIMASA Grupo (Vacarisses). Senior Mechanical Engineer / Project Engineer. As a Head Engineer for the piping design installations, design, plans and calcs. Steel and composite structures, design, calcs and plans. Composite pressure vessels, design, calcs, plans and construction.
Company dedicated to the construction of equipment in composite material. With branch in Mexico. Responsible in the department of engineering of design of equipment, calculation and supervision of manufacture.

Also participating in design of water treatment plants for the city of Quito (Ecuador). Pipes, pumps, filters, scrubers, etc. Design and calculation of all the equipment necessities.
Supervision of treatment projects water treatment plants with scrubbers.
Design of biofuel plants.

(hidden). Project Manager / Industrial Engineer, specialty, Mechanics, Structures.
Main activities:
 Legalization of economic activities. projects of economic activities, presentation of documentation to official entities, plans and monitoring of works.
 Legalization of electrical installations in official bodies.
 Homologation of vehicles in industry.
 Construction of racing sailing boats (4 units). Supervision of the construction until the end of the project. Composite structure statics and sizing calculations, Use of carbon and kevlar pre pregs, use of vacuum systems, and oven systems.
 Design in composites of parts for small air planes and motorcycles. Finite element studies, fatigue of parts, laboratory tests, prototypes, etc. Using core tools .
 Judicial expert for automotive parts.
 rehabilitation of historic buildings, applying composite materials. Thanks to these projects I was invited to the JEC Paris to present in a conference the projects of rehabilitation realized and the applications of the composite materials in the construction.

(hidden) Company name Tecnipenedes (Vilafranca del Penedès). Technical Office, working as Project Manager in the area of structures and equipment. The functions I do were designing metal silos and their floor anchorages, for storing starch silo dimensions of 8-15 meters high and 4 meters in diameter, equipment for the queue process also designing in the paper industry.

Realization and monitoring of the assembly of structures and equipment for papermaking processes. Supervision of assemblies at the national level.

Area of Expertise


Barcelona, Cataluсa, Spain