Global rank:
5,435 / 35,470
Skill pts: 5


Mathematics and realization some external details for the scooter project "ECOCAR" - LIGHT for the Korean market. -Study feasibility and cross mathematics, mathematical development and design of details and overalls of the "IRAN SAIPA 132" bridge components.
-Autovaz 2190 "feasibility and mathematical bumper math.
- Mathematical development of project components "AUTOVAZ 2190",
- Feasibility study, mathematical aesthetic door, storage compartment and relative drawer handle and mathematical development of project components "AUTOVAZ 2190" for Russia project "AUTOVAZ 2190" and 2D
- feasibility study airbag mathematization of bridge components "IRAN SAIPA 211"
-Study feasibility and design project door panels "IRAN SAIPA 211" .2D (DRAWING) assembly of 3D.
- Feasibility study, aesthetic door math, storage compartment and relative drawer handle mathematical development of dashboard components and related subsequent modifications for the project "IRAN SAPCO P405"
-2D dashboard (all components) + exploded dashboard + tunnel + bumper + head impacto "IRAN SAPCO P405" direct contact with customer.
-2D dashboard (all components) + exploded plank + tunnel + trunk part + door panels (all components) + exploded door panels.
-Study feasibility mathematics electric bike for the "TURKISH" + assembly all pieces + 2D.
-The helicopter feasibility for China.
-Fitnessability / electric bike for Trucchia.
-Study mechanical table.
Project: alpha romeo QV & Base 9520. (Ug 9 & iman)
Project: 164 Ferrari. (Catia v5)


  • Hassan II University Casablanca (Morocco) certificate, • Deacon of the faculty of legal sciences. Economic and Social Casablanca. • Joined the 2nd year of the 1st cycle of the degree in physical and chemical sciences for the academic year. 2003 graduation


Torino, Piemonte, Italy