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18,711 / 82,183
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• Profound knowledge of Thermal management of system design and efficiency improvement of air conditioning equipment, Evaporators, Condenser, Turbo machinery components like Compressors and blowers. Proficient in performing CFD analysis and obtaining optimized design of components such as centrifugal compressor, axial blowers, Generator, Heating ventilation and air-conditioning units.
• Complete product life cycle management, optimization of system design and efficiency improvement of Refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors like Reciprocating, Rotary and scroll. The life cycle involves the start from basic design calculation of compressor to releasing efficient and cost effective design.
• Accomplished various projects in the structural analysis involving linear and non-linear models, static and Dynamic analysis, computing the motion and effect of large number of small particles by DEM, viscous damping models for elastomers, material modelling characterization, Shear failure and contact pressure analysis.


  • JNTU M.Tech, Mechanical Engineering,Thermal Engineering 2005 graduation

Age: 42

Joined: April 14, 2017

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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India