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1,684 / 38,351
Skill pts: 13


Since 2010, we have been providing solutions for companies and industries that require in-depth technical knowledge and proven performance in the fields of engineering design. You have some great ideas in your head to 3D print, but you don’t know how to design in 3D? No problem, with our 3D modelling service you can easily find a qualified 3D modeller. Quickly create, test and verify product designs with high-quality plastic prototype technologies from RAPIDPROTO.

3d printing features:
Layers thickness: up to 0.0125 mm
Build volume: up to 246 mm x 152 mm x 155 mm for FDM technology
Build volume: up to 100 mm x 60 mm x 40 mm for SLA technology

Complex objects printing with 2 extruder technology available
(with water soluble supports)
Incredible accuracy with SLA technology
up to 30 colours available


  • Kharkov 122 Kharkov National Univercity of Radioelectronics (magistr), Networks, systems 1994 graduation


Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia