MN CAD/CAM Services
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3,922 / 35,535
Skill pts: 5


I am a machinist and fabricator first, but have extensive experience with 2D and 3D CAD design, modeling, drafting and CAM programming. While not any type of engineer on paper, I have collaborated with some of the smartest people (engineers and technicians alike) I believe exist in several very specific corners of the manufacturing world.

My number one goal in designing a part/product/etc. for someone, is to fully understand the expectations of the client...then hopefully carrying those initial ideas to the final stage.

Approaching everything with a meticulous, analytical mindset helps enable me to devise more efficient methods of solving problems.

What have you got for me to look at?


  • CCIU: CAT Pickering Campus, Phoenixville, PA, USA Certificate of completion, Manual and CNC Machine Technology; CAD/CAM Technology 2001 graduation


Kingsport, TN, United States