Global rank:
2,196 / 41,808
Skill pts: 11


• Product Design Engineer for to lead the Large Structures components including Swing frame, Track Roller Frame, Carbody, Boom, Stick, H-Link, and Gooseneck for 6015B NPI program
• Regularly work closely with the VPD team to identify FEA high stress locations in the Large structures design and taking decisions to implement design changes for life improvements.
• Efficiently worked closely with the VME team and successfully eliminated more than 100 unused components including hardware’s & brackets from all the large structures. Also implement innovative process for to simplify the manufacturing process which saved significant time & cost.
• Dedicate to provide in-person support during 6015B NPI pilot build at Dortmund Germany. Also validated quality of the fabricated large structures to ensure it is 100% made as per the engineering drawing specifications. Positively delivered technical recommendation when the manufacturing had problems.
• Positively addressed more than 45 AQE Issues during the 4 Pilot machines build (Aug 2014 to April 2015)
• Directly communicate to the suppliers for to address their difficulties during large structures fabrication process. Also provided solution with detail documentation for their query.
• Productively addressed more than 25 PPRD issues by providing ICA & PCA for large structures & also for Engine enclosure (Light structures) as an added responsibility
• Lead & managed the detailing & releasing process for the large structures. Worked with EDCI team to release more than 350 parts & assembly which are related to Swing frame, Track Roller Frame, Carbody, Boom, Stick, H-Link, Gooseneck (Large structures) & Final drive components.
• Assigned additional responsibilities for Engine enclosure (Light structures). Validated & resolved all AQE & PPRD issue by redesign. Released more than 70 (Parts, Sub-assembly & Main assembly).
• Worked & communicate effectively with both internal & external Cat groups for to improve the product design.

Design Entries

Private project


  • Indian State University Master of Science, Mechanical Engineer 2011 graduation


Muse, PA, United States