Hire CAD designers & engineers near Washington, United States

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Last updated: Jul 29, 2022

Hire CAD designers & engineers near Washington, United States

If you’re starting a CAD drafting or design project in Washington, one of the first things you should do is to hire a freelance CAD expert from Cad Crowd. By getting the help of our CAD design freelancers, you’ll work with professionals who have the skills and knowledge to produce excellent results and finish your project on time and within your budget.

“Why should I hire a CAD freelancer in Washington when there are traditional CAD firms who can do the job?” you might wonder. This is a valid question, and there are several answers to consider. For one thing, you save money. With our lower overheads and efficient business practices, we're able to offer top-quality CAD services at a much better price point that conventional design companies. At Cad Crowd, we’ve found that our clients save as much as one-third of the cost of hiring traditional firms. A savings of 30 percent is a big help, particularly if you’re on a tight budget or simply want to reduce your business expenses.

You don’t even have to worry about compromising quality. Cad Crowd offers world-class CAD services from pre-qualified, reliable freelancers. Working with our vetted designers means that you can enjoy high-quality CAD design, drafting, and engineering solutions without having to spend a fortune.

We provide a wide range of CAD solutions so, no matter what type of business you have and what your project requirements are, you know that our Washington-based freelancers can assist you. We have Creo designers, SolidEdge engineers, and Siemens NX experts (as well as many other professionals) on our team, which means we can cater to inventors, entrepreneurs, and corporations from various industries.

One of our specialties is industrial design, which plays a huge role in most of the consumer products on the market today. Whether you need medical device design or need help with creative jewelry design, our freelance CAD designers can more than deliver.

We also specialize in 3D modeling, which appeals to a wide range of entrepreneurs. Filmmakers and video game developers use our 3D animation and rigging solutions in their projects, while construction and architecture companies use our 3D fly-throughs to create virtual tours of the homes and apartments they're planning. Product designers take advantage of our 3D modeling services to create 3D renders of the invention ideas they’re working on and have impressive images to use in their marketing materials.

We also offer contract manufacturing services to help you get your product made. We'll connect you with leading U.S-based manufacturers and 3D printers for production runs and prototyping. You can also take advantage of our USPTO patent search and application service when you need to protect your intellectual property. 

Simply send us your project brief, and we’ll connect you with a Washington-based CAD freelancer whose skills and expertise match your requirements. Our staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure you’ll get precise and high-quality designs that meet or even exceed your expectations.

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