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Hire CAD designers & engineers in Bakersfield, California

Hire a 3D modeler, 3D designer, or CAD drafting freelancer in Bakersfield for your project today! We are home to some of the most skilled and experienced designers and engineers you'll find anywhere. Our freelancers are pre-qualified and vetted so you can rest assured that you’re getting only the highest quality of CAD services from us. At Cad Crowd, we specialize in pairing you up with an individual who has all the necessary skills and expertise to get your project from conception all the way to completion. 

Our freelance community is a made up of dependable individuals with varied experiences when it comes to CAD design. We offer a tailored, customized approach so you hire exactly the right person who can provide the necessary design solutions to see your project transform from idea to reality. Through us, you can acquire the services of designers or modelers who can create 3D animated fly-throughs for interior design, architectural, and urban planning projects. We also have expert designers who can work with you in developing concept models, marketing materials, and even video game content. With Cad Crowd, you have access to a wide range of 3D modeling and product design services in Bakersfield. 

Whether you’re a small company looking for assistance with a design project or an entrepreneur searching for someone to help you attract the attention of investors, we have the talent you need to execute simple to complex design tasks. Our freelancers work in the automotive industry doing body shell and paneling design as well as engine and transmission systems design. We also have designers who can render services for the medical industry through the creation of technical drawings for new medical device design and the production of animations for educational purposes. Whether you need someone to help with PCB design or assist with jewelry design, you’re guaranteed to find an individual who meets these needs here at Cad Crowd. 

Software is also a big part of the high-quality services our freelancers are able to provide. The various modern CAD programs available these days help our designers create technical drawings that are more accurate and precise. CAD applications also help reduce errors that could otherwise be made if drawings were made by hand. Not only that, every design can be done much quicker thanks to the set of tools and libraries in programs like AutoCAD, which can be used to create architectural plans and carry out analytics. We also have engineers who can use Siemens NX for industrial design, electromechanical design, and mechanical design. 

In addition to offering a wide variety of CAD services, we can also render services relating to licensing, patenting, and manufacturing. 

Getting the services of a Cad Crowd freelancer is simple: send in the details of your project and we will take care of finding the right person based on the requirements of your project. 

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