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Hi All,
It really is an urgent need to find a solution to this very way .... Controversial payment pending ... our efforts must not be lost ... please put an end to this method
Thanks :)
You roll the dice Reda. It's a gamble. Payment pending is a red flag right off the bat.
Here's a few points that I suggest for being successful with payment pending contests: 
  1. Description: Has the buyer written a clear description of what the project involves? Unclear descriptions indicate a buyer that isn't that serious about their project.
  2. Questions/Answers: Does the buyer answer any designer questions in the comment section to elaborate on the scope of the work? Does the buyer answer private messages? 
  3. Entries: Does the buyer made a payment after the first few entries are submitted?
  4. Last login: Has the buyer logged their account and viewed the contest during the past day or two? Click the buyer profile to view their last login (see example below) 

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