Wobbly Ball

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Make a ball that feels comfortable when held in your hand and does not roll in a straight line because it is not evenly weighted. It should roll to either the left or right when it is rolled.
It should be comfortable to hold. And it needs to be able to be printed on a 3d printer.
  1. 3D Studio Max


1st Winner
#6 Wobbly Ball by PETER LAKATOS
These files are different formats of the same ball,
If i come up with another design i will change the ball color in the screensot.
Thank you
2014-01-23 00:00:54
#1 Wobbly Ball by Cre83D
The ball is 50mm
Wall-thickness goes from 3 to 10mm
Here is a preview:
2014-01-20 12:55:49
2014-01-20 20:22:46
#3 Wobbly Ball by jnatzic
The ball is unevenly weighted
2014-01-21 20:01:17
#4 2 Piece Wobbly Ball by jnatzic
This is a snap together wobbly ball
2014-01-22 00:38:21
#5 Wobbly Ball by PETER LAKATOS
Please let me know if you would like some modifications made, suggestions, requests or feedback.
Thank you
2014-01-22 23:54:08
#7 Wobbly Ball Rev1 by tsalpha
Wobbly ball with offset wall thickness. Current diameter is 2.5", can be modified to any diameter needed.
2014-01-23 21:20:00
#8 Wobbly Wiffel Ball by Nick Trep Designs
2014-01-25 22:00:17
#9 Wobbly Ball by CAD SPARKLES
Download Files
Wobbly Ball
2014-01-26 10:52:23
#10 Ball 2 by PETER LAKATOS
A smooth ball with egg shaped interior .
2014-01-29 07:48:05
#12 Ball 4 by PETER LAKATOS
This version has the core in a cilindrical shape.
I can update any design, perhaps use the outer texture of the first ball on the others. I welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have.
2014-01-29 12:07:07
#13 Wobbly_Ball by ejgrubb
Ball designed to be manufactured in halves for ease of printing.
2014-02-02 20:04:46
#14 Wobbly Ball_2 by jnatzic
This is a simple wobbly ball. There is a hollow sphere that is offset as you can see in the ball on the right.
2014-02-08 19:37:55
#15 Wobbly Ball by CAD SPARKLES
Download Files
Wobbly Ball
2014-02-08 19:48:48
#16 Wobball by T. Davidson
Unbalanced shell and dense free moving inertia mass.
2014-02-17 19:52:25
#17 Wobbly B by ibrahim alsaheb
This ball is design to handle hand size and using experience.
2014-02-18 07:44:28


Scott V


Sat, 08 Feb 2014 00:23:37 +0000
Peter, you referenced "ratings". I don't know what that means, this is my first time on the site.

Jnatzic, yes the outside should be solid.

And for all of you....can this be made with material that is similar to a stress ball?

Thank you all. Your ideas are great. I will decide soon on wobbly ball, and I will need some additional work to design in the near future.



Fri, 07 Feb 2014 22:42:46 +0000
Do you have a preference whether the outside of the ball has openings in it or is solid? Thanks



Mon, 03 Feb 2014 11:52:26 +0000
Could we have some ratings please ?
Mon, 03 Feb 2014 05:00:00 +0000
what should be the diameter of ball?

Scott V


Tue, 28 Jan 2014 05:57:06 +0000
The ball should be made out of a plastic material, in between soft and hard.



Fri, 24 Jan 2014 17:44:50 +0000
What material will you be using to print this?

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