Consumer Product Design & Development Contests

Find freelance designers for your new consumer product. Crowdsourced design challenges allow you to receive submissions from our global network of designers. You choose the winner!

Steps to Post a Consumer Products Design Challenge

1. Write what you need

Write your project summary, set a timeline and decide on your budget.

2. Review submissions

Based from the submissions of the designers who joined the contest and make changes until you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

3. Pick your favorite design

Finally, choose the winning designer! After reviewing submissions, choose the design that you like best and award the prize to the freelancer of your choice.

Benefits of Crowdsourced Product Design Challenges

Design contests are a cost-effective, flexible tool for hiring freelance designers and product developers. You set the contest prize amounts in accordance with your project's budget and needs. With thousands of designers in our network, your contest could easily receive dozens of entries. You only pay for the designs which you love! Crowdsourcing is great for smaller projects and for taking the guesswork out of hiring freelancers.

Post a design contest today!

Latest CAD design projects

Ultra Creative Frame for 11x14 Paintings

Hello! This is my first attempt at a campaign and hoping to use it as a launching pad for more work. For this project, I'm an artist that needs ultra-creative unique painting...

Under $799
Urinal Puck Cage

Our company provides a product for cleaning urinals and drains using an environmentally friendly, organic urinal puck. We would like to update our puck cage/holder design. Our...

Under $799
Unique Bluetooth Speaker

We are looking for a pretty fast and focused project, with the following deliverables defining the main course of the project: ● Concept sketches ● High-fidelity external CAD...

Under $799
Coffee French Press

We are looking to produce a sleek, modern French Press, which is used for brewing coffee. Made of double insulated stainless steel with copper plated inner wall, the French Press...

Under $799
Environmental monitoring bot

I need an enclosure/housing design for an environmental monitoring bot.

Under $799

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