Offshoring and Outsourcing Advantages – Buyers Perspective

Outsourcing Cad

The use of BPO services business model is not a decision a Service Buyer makes solely on location or geographic proximity. Strategic decisions for location sourcing will be based on end requirements, including complexity, quality requirements, available budget and financial resource allocation. Generally, a Service Buyer engaged in the offshoring process will assess the quality of domestic education, and technological infrastructure prior to sourcing a business requirement to a particular region.

Home-shore (national) and near-shore (continental) offshoring solutions can offer the advantages of cultural compatibility, linguistic similarity and similar time-zones. Service Providers located offshore (global offshoring) operate during various time-zones, varied quality of service, frequently deliver a higher level of service and can allow 24/7 working advantage for Service Providers (project turnover is completed at night and ready for the following day).

Home-shoring and continental outsourcing solutions also offers Service Buyers benefits of efficient knowledge transfer, similar cultural features, understanding of client requirements and processes and can rely on established technological infrastructure. Continental outsourcing is an effective stepping stone for deploying a full scale, multi-sourcing business operation.