3D Modeling & CAD Design: Recent Examples from the Cad Crowd Gallery


Cad Crowd is home to over 12,000 CAD designers, and counting! With our ever-growing community of talented freelance designers, the Cad Crowd 3D model library is continuously being refreshed with new portfolio entries representing a wide range of interests, industries, and skills. On this blog, we like to highlight some of these awesome designs from time to time. So, here we are with six fantastic examples of 3D modeling and CAD design from the Cad Crowd community!

1. Canoe 3D Modeling Design by Syahrul Fajar A.E.W


Canoes have been around for a long time. Like, thousands of years long. Historically, they were dug out of solid tree trunks or made from birch bark stretched around a wooden frame. Modern canoes tend to be made from some kind of composite, like fiberglass. And, like everything else, canoe design is now influenced by CAD technology! Take this neat modern model, for example.

2. Modern Censer Product Design by Shashi Ranjan


Another thing that’s been around for thousands of years, censers are used to burn and dispense incense. Found in many cultures throughout the world, censers are used both for religious and secular purposes. This modern take on the ancient device is meant to be easily transportable and separates into four distinct parts.

3. Royal Palms Resort Architectural Design by Swar


This richly detailed and beautifully rendered scene shows a luxurious beachside resort on what seems to be a warm and cozy summer evening. Everything from the hanging lanterns to the wooden furniture to the majestic palm trees adds up to create a super inviting atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days and nights there?

4. Kick Scooter 3D Modeling Design by Aminegn


This super fun looking kick scooter design is part of a contest on Cad Crowd. The rimless wheels are a pretty nice touch that makes this a distinctive scooter. The orange on gray color scheme is fantastic, too. Kick scooters are definitely having a moment right now. These things are cool now, and not just for kids.

5. Dragon 3D Modeling Design by Diego Aramburu


Cool, a dragon! Dragons are the best. This particularly beastly looking example would probably keep pesky solicitors off your doorstep. The wings are particularly impressive. And notice how hand-like the front claws are. Creepy. A gorgeous piece of design work.

6. Wooden Sink Product Design by Artur Leete


How often do you see a wooden sink? Probably never. Until now! This cool modernist design uses an unconventional material to make a common object extraordinary. Not sure where the faucet handles went, but it’s a gorgeous sink, nonetheless!

This is but a sample of some of the awesome work being done by the designers at Cad Crowd. Are you a designer yourself? Well then join us! And if you need design work done, well you’ve found the right place. All of the designers above can be contacted if you’re interested in hiring them. Or, you can let us do the hiring for you. Send us a description of your project, and we’ll connect you with one of our inudstry-leading CAD design professionals. Get a free quote today!