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A CAD Needle in a Cyber Haystack

Creativity is what we all have, albeit at different levels, but when you come up with the next great idea that could revolutionize your company or be the next consumer sensation, the idea needs to be designed and tested before it becomes tried and true. You can always find Computer-assisted designers by doing an online search, and you might find someone who is exceptional. But why take the chance that you might be a guinea pig when Cad Crowd has a complete roster of CAD designers and freelance engineers for practically any project?

There is an old saying in business that you’re only around as long as you have customers. The same is true for designers who must maintain their edge to be on top. Cad Crowd can claim that their inventory of CAD professionals is top drawer because they wouldn’t be available for long if they weren’t the best. Take Edinburgh, Scotland native Jordan Euston for example. Jordan is relatively new to the Cad Crowd team having joined after graduating with a Masters degree in Product Design Engineering, but he’s been busy.

With a head full of new technology, he’s already been active on the platform by developing some exciting models for people with great ideas. Golf club owners and also golfers will think this little machine would be a great asset.

Golf Course Maintenance Scout

Golf Course Maintenance Rover freelance engineering concept

The Golf Course Maintenance Rover scours the greens looking for golf club damaged turf that’s repaired by remotely applying fertilizer pellets. Its bright color announces its arrival long before making any critical swing to the next hole. The tireless rover will keep even the most prestigious golf clubs pristine and impeccable with considerable savings by working around the clock.

Product and Industrial designer Jordan uses a variety of CAD programs for the projects he’s involved with. In any application for financing or in a presentation to management, a detailed, lifelike photo portfolio using 3D Rendering is a priceless asset to let people see what the product will look like. You can also assess a tangible item, even in your choice of color, through 3D Design and Printing. The prototype stage allows for refinements and modifications to be made easily before manufacturing. The viability of the working parts of an item is tried through 3D Assembly Drawing, which also acts as the blueprint when it’s finally assembled at a plant or by the consumer.

Smart School Device Concept

Smart School Device product concept

Jordan was tasked with finding a solution for a private school to monitor the location of students, perhaps to satisfy worrying parents. This Orwellian device, known as a Smart School Device, is worn like a watch or a badge and is connected to an Internet of Things network. It also allowed a cashless society on campus because it tracked such things as canteen payments. It can also act as a security feature by only allowing limited access to areas. So just how long did Johnny study for that exam?

Jordan’s adeptness at using one-of-a-kind software Fusion 360, that’s a blend of CAD and CAM software, allows for precision design and manufacturing, such as with the Smart School Device. Perhaps it’s not necessary to point out, but you need someone who is proficient with this type of operation because the smallest error can create significant inconveniences. A designer has to be multi-faceted and adept in mechatronics – a marriage of electronic, mechanical, and computer engineering – to provide hi-tech solutions and hardware that works without a hitch.

When you have an idea that you want developed, it makes absolute sense to contact Cad Crowd to have CAD services professionals like Jordan working on your project. Relax, knowing that your idea is being given the attention it deserves with strict confidentiality. The time and money you save by having access to a bank of skilled developers and designers can make the difference whether your idea stays locked up in a dream or becomes an actual finished product.