Custom Jewelry Design Showcase

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We love to show off the awesome design work by the Cad Crowd community. We’ve got a real range of talent, with incredible CAD design covering everything from engineering to interior design. One of the areas where our community excels is custom jewelry design. This week, we’d like to show off some of the skillful jewelry designers we’ve got here at Cad Crowd. Take a look!

Andrew Kulikov

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Andrew Kulikov is a designer with diverse talents. In addition to designing these darkly luxurious, somewhat baroque pieces of jewelry, he also designs consumer electronics and does fantastic renderings of vehicle engines and machinery.

His jewelry design is elegant, opulent, and somber. Flashy, but rather melancholy. Very classy pieces, they seem as if designed for some lofty countess. And maybe they were!

designer jewelry ring



deer head ring design

BRAVO is one of the most prolific and creative designers on Cad Crowd. From beautiful abstract 3D sculptures to toys to mechanical parts and everything in between, there seems to be no subject that this designer cannot approach which finesse. Jewelry design is no exception, as this gorgeous stag ring demonstrates. As always, the design itself is beautiful, and the rendering is very well done. A great talent.


Diego Aramburu

silver eagle ring cad design

Diego Aramburu is a designer with decades of experience in the jewelry industry. His pieces are extremely detailed, intricate, and original. The silver eagle ring above is a premier example of creative jewelry design — a truly gorgeous piece.

cutsom pendant designer jewelry

This pendant, though a bit less flashy than the eagle ring, is a truly unique and intriguing design. There seems to be something mystic about the female figure depicted in the center, with her hair flowing out beyond the frame of the necklace. Is she a mermaid? Maybe!


P. Kovalchuk

custom designer jewelry CAD design

It’s hard to believe that this designer has only been working in the field for a couple years. A prolific designer, his portfolio is overflowing with creative, intelligent jewelry designs encompassing a wide range of styles. As diverse as the pieces are, they share a certain kind of refined elegance. Notice the diamond inlays along the border and on the top of this tiger pendant:

tiger pendant cad designer


John Paulo

rose ring designer jewelery

John Paulo is another talented and prolific jewelry designer on Cad Crowd with a highly innovative style. This gorgeous swirling ring is inspired by the petals of a rose. The contrast between the ribbons with diamond inlays and the solid ones adds a touch of subtlety to what is otherwise a pretty ostentatious design.

skull jewelry

Paulo goes in a whole other direction with these skull rings. The vampire fangs and the ridges above the eyes make for some pretty menacing and yet somewhat paradoxically classy pieces of jewelry. The renderings are incredible, as well.


Impressed by the designs you’ve seen? Consider hiring one of the talented designers for your next custom jewelry project. Our network of top-tier CAD designers is available for any CAD projects, from industrial design to 3D printing. Get a free quote and tell us abut your project!