Showcase of CAD Parts Design and Consumer Products from Freelancers

Designing parts to fit

This photo is a 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Both rare and exotic, owners of impressive vehicles like this one want to keep their investments in top shape. Unfortunately for them, it’s not easy to keep the older technology running. Fortunately for them, they have a friend in the online hiring CAD services company Cad Crowd.

When a Ferrari needed a thermostat replacement, it couldn’t be found. Arizona-based designer Manderioli produced the necessary engineering features to provide the thermostat and give a new lease-on-life for this classic car. Manderioli’s academic background in mechanical engineering (he also has a masters degree in business administration) is an example of the caliber of designers in Cad Crowd’s Injection Mold Design section.

Ferrari engineering of a thermostat
Design by Manderioli Engineer

Automobile parts often use injection mold design because its accuracy is instrumental in producing highly detailed items from substances that are difficult to shape, such as metal and glass. Once a mold is assembled, a multitude of a particular product can be produced. In this case, probably not a large number of Ferrari Daytona thermostats will ever be sold, but the owner has the satisfaction of knowing that authentic replacements can be procured easily.

Someone wanted a flower-trumpet style case. Not sure what that is? To be honest, neither does this writer. But you have to admit that it looks stately on this conference room table.

CAD design for flower-trumpet style case
Design by Mohamed Samy

The point is someone wanted something unique, and Cad Crowd was able to deliver with this design from designer Mohamed Samy who lives in Cairo, Egypt. His degree and experience in mechanical engineering brought about the desired result. Your imagination is the only limit to get something you want when you use Cad Crowd.

This antique-style bowl would be awesome when filled with peanuts, chocolates, chips or a lot of other munchies.

This antique-style bowl
Design by Ragesh

That’s just what the customer wanted and designer Ragesh from Mumbai, India was able to meet the requirements through his engineering background in die design. With die design, items are stamped out using a press. The technique is best accomplished using a professional, like Ragesh. Die design freelancers comprise just one specialty Cad Crowd has available in its extensive database of qualified individuals from around the world.

Even if you’re not sure what kind of professional you need for your project, Cad Crowd can determine who is the best match for your task. To prove the work of their members, Cad Crowd will verify that every submission meets customer requirements before any project is completed. Cad Crowd’s detailed stipulations about submitted work are your guarantee of quality results. The successful history of Cad Crowd and the glowing testimonials from customers should provide you the confidence you need to let a freelance professional assist you in developing your project or idea.

Canada is one of the latest places to legalize marijuana. Perhaps someone in the industry or an advocate of the plant wanted to advertise how he or she felt by having a specialized car hood ornament designed. Mumbai, India native Bijay Kumar used his engineering skills in mold and die design to produce this leafy emblem.

specialized car hood ornament designed

So, in case you see a car drive by, with this hood ornament, don’t think the hemp-mobile is a new car manufacturer. It’s probably burning gasoline like most other vehicles.

Cad Crowd’s mold and die design services provide skilled freelancers who have the experience to ensure that manufactured parts are structurally sound and durable. If more of these items need to be produced, mold and die designs provide for easy assembly and lower production cost.

Contact Cad Crowd for a full list of freelance CAD design and engineering services. If you’re not sure which skillset is best for your project, let Cad Crowd advise you on the best approach to your project with no obligation or fee. Cad Crowd’s doctrine is that if you’re pleased with the experience, you will hopefully return with more ideas or projects and refer others too.