Cad Crowd’s 3D Designers & Engineers Create Expert Robotics


Dorothy, Oz has left, and it’s now the Land of Robots. A continuous growing wave is sweeping over the world, helping to make life simpler, safer, and even healthier.

The advent of the robot is not new with its precursor, the automated assembly line, heralding a new way of making routine things in the early 1900s. Today, futuristic robotic designs are being used in practically all manufacturing and service industries, often when we are unaware.

For example, communications and power companies are using robots to troll lines exposed to the weather to detect problems before they happen in a violent storm.  A major airport is using robots to park your car that you leave curbside before your flight. Soon that car will be autonomous, as well as pilotless planes. When you return home your robotic dog is waiting for you without so much as a whimper to go out.

Robots with limbs can now run, skip, and jump, and they do these actions without being commanded. In Japan, TV news viewers are given the world’s latest developments by an anchor-robot, while hospitals have a rapidly growing number of robots that do tasks like change bedpans to performing highly detailed surgeries.  

Nanotechnology uses minuscule robotic devices measured in atomic dimensions that can travel arteries and blood vessels to detect and repair damaged areas. The list goes on with hardly anything being spared from robotic influence.

Until the time when robots can design themselves, humans are still their creators. Designing a robotic mechanism obviously requires skill and experience, and there’s a bank of such individuals who do such planning on a daily basis. Find them at the online CAD company Cad Crowd, with its global database of professionals specializing in 3D modeling design services.

These designers are adept at using highly sophisticated 3D CAD design programs such as Onshape, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Rhinoceros 3D, Sculptris, and many more. Some programs have robot simulation functions that can make designing more accurate and timesaving.

1) Robot Arm by Adam

AutoCAD 3D Modeling Robot

The Robert Project is a medical device system that relieves the physical stress of health workers by performing repetitive rehabilitation procedures and assisting with heavy loads. Cad Crowd’s CAD designers have been an important source of designs for this project, such as this one by Adam, incorporating a robotic arm.


2) Robot Lawn Mower by aad

Just the same as vacuum cleaners that autonomously remove dust and dirt from an interior space, robots have also become a part of the outdoors to keep lawns looking neat. Cad Crowd designers have been busy drawing up plans for new grass-cutting equipment, such as this award-winning design by aad from Greece.


3. Maestro by REDA

Possibly, you’ve seen robots being used to greet and assist customers at restaurants and hotels. One of them could be El Maestro, a hotel butler robot designed by REDA from France.

Hotel Butler Robot

3) Cusbo by Ridwan Sept

So, if a hotel or restaurant can have a butler, why can’t there also be one for homes? That’s exactly what Indonesian Ridwan Sept had in mind for designing Cusbo in this 3D modeling project that perhaps could double as the robot family pet.

Family Butler Robot

4) 3D Mascot by Dominik

Perhaps you were expecting him to look more like mascot Grabby, as designed by Dominik from Slovakia.

Mascot Robot

If you feel you’ve been missing a personal assistant, who happens to work around the clock for free, you could get a reasonable facsimile by contacting Cad Crowd and starting your own project. The expertise is certainly available for you to develop your own robotic character.

5) Concept Suit by EntropyMachine

You may even want to give yourself a robotic look with this idea developed by Canadian EntropyMachine.


6) 3D Modeling Robot Head by M-CAD Outsource Services

Or simply make your head appear that way with this design from M-CAD Outsource Services from Romania. Just don’t be surprised at what commands strangers may give you.


Cad Crowd’s Freelance Designers Can Bring Your Robot Idea to Life

Designs can also be crowdsourced using Cad Crowd’s international list of 3D modelers. By starting a contest, you’ll receive multiple entries from which you decide what best fits your needs. Learn how you can launch a design contest.

Cad Crowd is trusted among many major corporations and institutions for its CAD design services, including Yale University School of Medicine, Tupperware, Tiffany & Co.

Contact Cad Crowd to get a free quote for your robot idea or any 3D modeling project underway with a free confidential, no-obligation assessment meeting. You’re guaranteed with Cad Crowd’s quality assurance program you’ll get superior results from humans… at least for now.