Check Out these 5 CAD Design Contests Going on Now

silicone strip cad design

Crowdsourcing is a fun and productive way to generate innovative solutions for any product or CAD design project. From jewelry design to electronics to logos and emblems, there’s always something going on in the Cad Crowd contest pages. It’s a great way for designers to hone their skills and stretch their creative muscles, and it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to find the perfect design!

Here are 5 contests currently accepting submissions from the Cad Crowd community!

1. LED Sideview Mirror Product Design by Muhammad Yodi Supriadi

LED side mirror design challenge

Cars are often the most valuable thing a person owns, and they say a lot about that person’s style and tastes. Sometimes though the stock components aren’t quite up to snuff. Sometimes the mirrors don’t have LEDs on them, for example. This design challenge asks contributors to come up with an affordable aftermarket mirror that goes a little above and beyond the standard parts. LEDs kick everything up a notch!

2. iPhone Audio Accessory 3D Modeling Desing by MICHAEL DIMOU

iphone audio booster product design

This audio device is meant to allow users to boost the signal from their iPods to boost the volume while out and about or chilling at home. The biggest challenge for designers here is to come up with a concept that matches the famous style of Apple devices. Sleek minimalism is the name of the game.

3. Textured Silicone Strips Product Design by simon_d_98

silicone strip cad design

The ultimate purpose of product design is usually to convince consumers to take your product off the shelf rather than that of your competitors. When it comes to packaging and bottle designs, the aesthetics are often the one and only factor that distinguishes one product from another. The shampoo market is a good example of this. The differences between the contents are often marginal, but the difference in the container can be everything! The goal of this competition is to design a strip that adds some edgy flair while also helping customers keep their grip on the bottle once they’ve got it in their hands.

4. Ab Exercise Equipment 3D Modeling Desing by saurabh5496

abs workout equipment design

Let’s be honest: the primary reason most of us don’t have killer abs is that it’s so hard to keep your feet on the floor without a friend there to help you out, right? Who has time for that? This design challenge aims to remedy that situation by coming up with an exercise device that allows a motivated person to keep their feet in position while they pump out crunches solo. This contest has inspired a wide range of different strategies — like a good challenge does!

Emblem Remodeling 3D Modeling Design

This recently launched invite-only competition has yet to garner any submissions, but there’s still a lot of time left! The buyer needs series of emblems redesigned after some difficulties with the casting problems. Designers with experience in industrial design and manufacturing are often an asset, especially for designs that might be a bit tricky to produce.


Crowdsourced design competitions have always been a fun part of what we do at Cad Crowd. If you’re a designer and are looking to throw your hat in the ring, sign up for an account! If you need some design work done and are interested in taking advantage of crowdsourcing, learn more about how it works, and then launch your own contest!