5 Reasons Your Architectural Firm Should Use 3D Rendering Outsourcing


Gone are the days when only the biggest and most established names in the industry, with skilled 3D rendering artists in their in-house staff, could afford high-quality computer-generated images. 

Now more than ever, even startups and small businesses can take advantage of top-notch CGIs done without needing to blow their budgets. All of these are possible thanks to 3D rendering outsourcing. 

The continuous and rapid development and growth of technology through the years have made almost everything and anything possible. In just a matter of clicks, you can reach out to the most talented and experienced 3D artists all over the world. 

Continue reading to learn more about 3D rendering services and the top five reasons your architectural firm should use them sooner rather than later. 

An Overview of 3D Modeling 

3D modeling experts have a versatile and state-of-the-art technology that uses computer graphics to render a 3D model of almost any type of object. A 3D model is like the digital or virtual representation of an actual product for promotion, planning, and production purposes. 

This particular form of modeling requires dedicated software combined with the artist’s advanced knowledge on manipulating the object in a virtual space. Points, known as vertices, are 3D modeling to create a mesh. Mesh refers to the vertices forming an object in the virtual space). 

3D modeling is a very complex and extensive field with several sub-categories, which include the following:

  • Solid Modeling 

Solid modeling is primarily suitable for surfaces and objects that are no less complex, and it is the most basic type of 3D modeling. Using Different shapes is helpful as building blocks and combining them to form the desired object, and it is the most basic type of 3D modeling. 

This building blocks sophistication of solid modeling is also why this serves as the foundation for all designs. Reliable modeling artists will also use basic shapes such as cubes, prisms, and spheres. The only downside to this kind of modeling is that it cannot provide high-realism results. 

  • Surface Modeling 

Surface modeling is the most advanced and complex type of 3D modeling. It is ideal for rendering challenging surfaces and is often used for architectural 3D modeling services in the automotive industry and thermodynamics. It usually focuses more on the external aspects of a surface or an object. 

  • Wireframe Modeling

Artists use wireframe modeling for complicated and curved surfaces. It requires more finesse, details, and precision. It only includes lines and vertices, making it more advanced than solid 3D model examples but still less complex than surface modeling. Triangles serve as the base in most wireframe modeling tools, and the result is better when the artist uses more triangles. 

Average Costs of 3D Modeling Projects

How much will a 3D modeling project cost you, then? There is no definite answer for this question, mainly because it depends on several key factors. Would you like it done in-house, or would you go for 3D rendering outsourcing? Which company do you plan to work with? What types of projects do you need assistance with? Is it a complex project? What are your expected deliverables?

To give you some good ideas, here is a quick overview of the costs of 3D modeling projects. However, note that these costs are only industry averages and examples, and different companies have different pricing options and plans. 

These complex projects require a great deal more attention to detail, making them more time-consuming than others. There are times when architectural projects need multiple renderings and models, making them more expensive. The average hourly rate can start at approximately $40 per hour for modeling, and some companies charge $400 or higher for modeling per room. 

  • 3D Mechanical design Rendering and Modeling

The costs of mechanical Rendering and design services are similar to those of product rendering and design. You can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $90 per hour for mechanical 3D modeling, while Rendering can cost you up to $150 per hour. 

  • 3D Product Rendering and Design

Product rendering and design are some of the most common and popular services many 3D visualization companies provide today. Generally speaking, product design can cost you anywhere between $20 and $80 per hour. The cost of it would be best if you spent more on Rendering will generally be higher, and is likely to be. On the other hand, that costs $150 or more per hour.

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Benefits of 3D Rendering Outsourcing 

3D rendering outsourcing offers a lot of benefits for architectural firms. Many companies have already attested that this practice has helped them lower their expenses in the long run. 

Take a look below to get a good idea of how 3D rendering outsourcing can benefit your architecture firm:

  • Companies that specialize in 3D rendering outsourcing offer bespoke business models. 

Specialized 3D rendering agencies always make it a point to keep their clients satisfied and happy. To make this possible, they often provide custom 3D modeling services. These agencies likely have long years of experience working with companies of all sizes in various fields and industries. This only means that they can easily adjust and tweak their services according to your firm’s specific needs and requirements. 

  • You don’t have to worry about staff and office management costs. 

If you ever hire in-house 3D designers, there will be several costs involved. You need to recruit the best talents and pay them a full salary, together with other benefits and taxes. It would help if you would also have to spend money on the utilities, equipment, and tools they need. 

The average salary of 3D artists starts at $4,000 up to $7,200 a month, which equates to $48,000 to $86,000 annually. There is also a need for you to organize or put up a workspace for your in-house designers, which can rack up the costs even further. 

But if you choose to outsource your 3D rendering needs, all you have to do is pay for the total cost of the services, and you are good to go. 

  • You can save yourself from the hassle of paperwork and termination wages. 

This next benefit goes hand in hand with the previous second point above. 3D rendering outsourcing services can help you stick more to your budget. By outsourcing 3D Rendering, you don’t have to fill out paperwork in addition to the contract or pay for any termination wages.

  • You can access quality resources anytime. 

Today’s 3D rendering companies have to stay competitive all the time for them to maintain a steady and regular clientele. To do this, they constantly and regularly upgrade and improve their services, software, and tools. They also invest time and resources to educate their employees. All of these assure you that you will always get top-notch services every time and anytime you need them. 

Why Should Your Aarchitecturale Firm Outsource 3D Rendering?

If your architectural firm is still on the fence on whether you should use 3D rendering outsourcing or not, here are the top five5 reasons that will convince you to do so:

Work with the Best People in the Field at lowerLesser Costs 

One of the biggest and most common challenges that architectural firms face in trying to keep up with the industry’s demands with the fewest last number of people necessary as much as possible. 

Your company will end up burning through cash if your headcount is too high. On the other hand, having too few people on your staff will make it difficult for you to maintain the necessary pacing to meet the demands of your services.

This area is a bit tricky to navigate read on. The good news is that your firm can always choose to outsource talent for projects like 3D Rendering. This gives you the chance to access professionals with extensive experience in 3D Rendering with no need to shoulder the costs of hiring a new employee. 

Thanks to 3D rendering outsourcing, your company can get instant access to the greatest and latest in areas such as staging, materials, interior design, and more. All of these are accessible by simply outsourcing most, if not all, of your 3D rendering needs. 

Harness the Power of the Most state-of-the-Art Rendering Technology

The twenty-first21st century is such an excellent time to be alive, as technology continuously provides more innovative and disruptive ways that can take your firm and your services to the next level.

These breakthroughs are also applicable in 3D rendering technology. Things like virtual staging software play a crucial role in the overall quality of 3D modeling projects. 

Using the newest virtual staging software can help evoke inspiration, resulting in higher conversion rates and faster turnaround that your firm wouldn’t have been able to achieve otherwise. 

The quality of 3D renderings, as you might already know by now, directly impacts the overall image of your brand. If you cut corners with your virtual staging software, this can make your firm come off as not something that doesn’t keep up with the changing times. 

Fewer mistakes and Errors Guaranteed. 

Who wouldn’t want to invest in something that can eliminate mistakes and errors?

3D rendering professionals have the necessary know-how and experience to avoid costly mistakes in your projects. These are mistakes that might escape the eyes of someone who lacks enough knowledge and skills.

Factors like using the correct dimensions, maintaining a simple but eye-catching aesthetic, and decluttering the space are critical. The whole process will be compromised if these things are not done correctly.

Even if these mistakes may not scare away your potential buyers, these can still lead to some major setbacks in your project.

Companies that provide 3D rendering services sourcing know all the ins and outs of the process. These experts are also aware of what you need to showcase your project to your clients with total confidence. This confidence is something that any architectural firm can never do without.

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Enjoy Freedom of Scalability to the Fullest

This is probably one of the best sources for outsourcing your 3D rendering needs and other aspects of your business. 

Flexibility is one of the things that your firm needs more than anything else. And since this is not always possible, you need to take advantage of it every chance you get. 

Just like other industries, there are usually only some specific times of the year when you receive more 3D rendering projects than others. 

If you hire an in-house talent, you still need to pay your employee the same salary even during those months when you only have a few or no 3D rendering projects at all. This option is not financially wise and practical on your part. 

However, if you use 3D rendering outsourcing, the company you work with will only fulfill projects exactly when you need them. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is because they will be more than happy and willing to lend you a hand when you hire their services. 

Even more important is that you can continue working with the company as your firm grows and expands. They will continue to be there for you every step of the way as you receive more 3D rendering projects. 

Get a Heavy Load Ooff Your Shoulders 

Every day, you have to wear several hats as you go about your business. Why bother to add one more and try to do something you might not have any previous experience in?

Trying to be a jack of all trades but a master of none will only end up sacrificing the quality and results of your 3D rendering projects. 

Refusing to outsource 3D Rendering can make a big difference between accepting and rejecting your project idea. This is something you cannot just leave up to chance or luck. 

Instead of freeing yourself of this worry and let someone else handle this aspect of your business process to give you more time to work on other pressing matters. 

While you are busy finalizing your budget for the project, searching for potential clients, and developing a marketing plan, someone else can work on your 3D Rendering. 

When Should Architecture Firms Uurgently Use 3D Rendering Outsourcing?

If your architecture firm is still in the process of growth and expansion, there is a big chance that the reasons above have already convinced you to outsource your 3D rendering needs. 

The question now is, are there any other situations when this decision is something that you need to make urgently?

Yes, there are, and some of these include the following:

  • You are not satisfied with the available 3D talents in your area.

Even if you still think that you are better off hiring an in-house team for 3D Rendering, you might have a hard time searching for the best talents for the job. You might not be impressed with the offers of the local specialists as you scour through resumes. 

However, if you use 3D rendering outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about restrictions on geographical location. It is now possible to hire 3D specialists with the necessary experience and expertise from worldwide. 

  • You only have a few 3D rendering projects and hiring an in-house 3D artist isn’t practical. 

Depending on your specific target audience, the number of 3D rendering projects you get will fluctuate. For example, only a few of your clients may be looking for photorealistic CGI, with most of them already satisfied with basic CG visualization. 

Suppose you only have a smaller clientele that requires 3D renderings. In that case, it might not be a sensible business decision to hire an in-house 3D expert because you will have to pay salary and other perks without fully utilizing their skills and talent. In cases like this, it makes good business sense to outsource 3D Rendering to trusted professionals. 

  • You don’t have enough time to pay full attention to 3D renderings. 

Doing 3D renderings in-house can be very trying, requiring a lot of your time and undivided attention. If you need to handle or oversee 3D rendering projects personally, your resources will be stretched too thin, and you will be kept away from more pressing matters.

To manage your 3D rendering projects better without using up all your energy and precious time, it might be a wiser decision to partner with an expert provider of 3D rendering services. 

  • You lack visual content to update your social media accounts and official website.

Your architectural firm needs a robust and influential online presence so you can attract more new clients. This means you need to have an easy-to-navigate and attractive website, and your social media accounts should also get regular updates. 

You will need lots of beautiful photos of your completed projects for this to be possible. If your projects are still under construction, it might be impossible for you to have visually captivating images. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good idea to post stock images you find online.

The good news is that it is now possible to get attractive visuals for your website and social media accounts if you work hand-in-hand with a reliable 3D rendering company.  

The only thing you need to do is give them your design concepts and other important details. The company will then develop photorealistic renders that show how your unfinished projects will look when completed in the future. Outsourcing your 3D Rendering needs to experts can help bring your envisioned design concepts to life. 

  • You don’t have enough budget to invest in the latest 3D technology. 

Licensed 3D rendering software and ultra-powerful hardware are necessary for 3D photorealistic Rendering. This requires a significant investment, and your architectural firm might not have enough budget for it. 

You don’t have to worry about these expenses because you can need to use 3D rendering outsourcing and expect to get the best quality of CG imagery with no need to invest in any expensive hardware or software.

  • Your 3D rendering team is already overbooked.

If you have a small in-house 3D visualization team, they can soon get overloaded as your growing business receives more projects. It won’t be suitable for either your budget or your employees if you ask the team to spend long hours in the office and pay them for overtime. In cases like this, your next best option is to get help from a reliable 3D rendering outsourcing company.

How to Choose the Best Company for 3D Rendering Outsourcing 

If you have finally decided that using 3D rendering outsourcing is the perfect move, your next step is to learn how you can find the best services out there. 

As the 3D modeling industry grows bigger and better by the day, it has also become crowded with various options that can make it confusing for you to choose one over the other. 

Here are a few essential things to consider before you make your final decision:

  • Start by comparing prices. 

Determine how much you are willing to spend on your 3D modeling projects, and search for companies that fall within your price range. However, it is essential to have a flexible budget since complicated tasks are often more expensive. It is recommended to list down your favorite companies and contact them to request a free quote. 

  • Assess their customer service.

Due to the complexity of 3D modeling projects, there will be frequent and constant communication between the provider and the client. Before signing any contracts, determine if your chosen company can provide round-the-clock support. Lack of proper communication may lead to negative results that won’t be beneficial for all the involved parties. 

  • Review their portfolio.

No company will label itself as unprofessional with low-quality services, and this means that you cannot just trust them when they say that they are the best in the Field. But reviewing their portfolio can help you separate the top-notch companies from the average ones. 

The most reliable 3D rendering companies have versatile and comprehensive portfolios that showcase their past projects. It will be in your best interest to avoid companies with no portfolio to show. 

How Cad Crowd can Help

3D rendering outsourcing is one of the best steps you can take for your architecture firm to fulfill all of your 3D modeling projects. Here at Cad Crowd, we have the privilege of working with hundreds of talented architectural design freelancers around the world. Get in touch with us today and receive a free quote.