5 Interior Design CAD Models That’ll Rock Your World


CAD design has many applications, including its utility in modelling for interior design. The following designs will rock your world, and perhaps provide inspiration for your next home design project. Remodelling a home, redesigning a room, or perhaps building a house from scratch? Consider hiring a CAD expert to help you envision it ahead of time.

1. 3D Renovated Apartment by Ons Ben Ahmed

Are you a young professional looking to make it the big city? Or a successful entrepreneur, setting up your ideally stylish but homey living quarters? Either way, this dream apartment is for you. Decorated to the heights of cool, this place is filled with cool objects, nice furniture and lots of natural light. Nothing screams “artsy,” “urban,” and “trendy” quite like this place.

2. Bedside Arrangement by Lorenzo Andre

Curl up with a good book and enjoy this classy yet comfortable bedside. This design demonstrates how CAD can depict a wide range of textures to design perfection. The shiny hardwood, rippled fabric, and mirrored lamp metal come alive in the hands of this capable designer. Whatever you need to design, our freelancers can handle it.

3. Modern Kitchenette 3D Design by V.M.Design

Welcome to your dream kitchen – warm, organized, bright, and modern. This kitchenette is perfectly designed down tto the last detail – the glare on the sink, red heat on the stove element, down to the texture of the decorative plants. This design conveys a very specific kind of feel as well – modern, but also bright, and happy. Our designers are artists, and they’ll create beautiful images for whatever your needs happen to be.

4. Workplace Design by PARTHI SONI

Setting up a workplace and not sure about the layout? You’ve got two choices: spend a day hauling around tables and equipment, or model your options with CAD. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell which option is more efficient. Our designers will help you find the optimal solution to any problem with minimal sweat and tears.

5. Poolside Villa by Chris Wyeth

This design will make you want to lounge by the pool and go for a dip – it’s that realistic. This design achieves the rare combination of minimalist and cozy – the fake fire by the pool helps pull it off (yes, the design is detailed enough that we can tell the fire’s fake. This deceptively simple design contains a wealth of detail, from the lights in the pool to individual stones in the planters.

Got an indoor project you’d like to see modelled? Contact us and we’ll set you up with the best designers in the biz. Your dreams are only one step away from becoming a reality!