25 of Our Best 3D CAD & New Product Design Pros for Hire

25 of Our Best 3D CAD & New Product Design Pros for Hire

There are plenty of incredibly talented designers on Cad Crowd – each of whom has their own strengths. But if you’re looking for new product designers who are remarkably skillful in 3D CAD services, here are some of our best ones:

1) Mahbub

A photo of The Talking Stress Ball.

Mahbub is a freelance 3D designer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has five years of professional experience in a host of 3D software applications such as 3ds Max, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and more. His passion for 3D modeling shows in his portfolio. His designs have won a total of eight gold awards while seventeen have been finalists, making him one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers.

Among Mahbub’s most successful 3D CAD designs is for a talking stress ball. It is of a goofy-looking, stressed-out cartoon guy with feathery hair. As with most stress balls, Mahbub designed this for manufacturing with polyurethane foam rubber. When you squeeze it, it lets out a long “Daaaaaamn!” and then says, “Whew, I needed that.” It’s meant to help you let out your frustration by squeezing it with your hand. This great design led to mass production, and it is now a popular product called “Damn! Guy,” which is sold by Talkie Toys Products on Amazon.

2) supra77

A photo of The Perfect 60% Mechanical Keyboard created on CAD and SolidWorks.

Supra77 is a computer-aided design specialist hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. Globally ranked in the top 50 with over 600 points, he is one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers. Supra 77 has won four gold and two silver awards in Cad Crowd design competitions.

Among his most successful winning designs was for a product meant to be “The perfect 60% mechanical keyboard.” Supra77 made a variety of models, with ten different renders on CAD and SolidWorks submitted for the winning design. The final submission had two versions: one with a solid, slanted bottom, and another that had a fold-out stand.

Generally, his innovative design was able to meet the contest requirements of a sleek case with the right aesthetic and ergonomic features. Additionally, his was an incredibly detailed and realistic render that was original and not merely an iteration of something already available in the market.

3) Milan Borovic

A photo of the XPRIZE Trophy for Saving Coral Reefs.

Yugoslavia-based Milan Borovic is a Cad Crowd Top Designer with five gold, one silver, and thirteen finalist awards on his belt. They have more than ten years of experience in 3D modeling in diverse fields. They have worked on various projects like video game character design, architectural design, as well as product design.

Among Milan Borovic’s most successful designs was for one of six trophies given out at XPRIZE Foundation’s 2018 Visioneering challenge. Their design was for the Saving Coral Reef trophy. It is of a coral reef sitting atop a base where the name of the foundation and the competition are engraved. Around it is a ring indicating the name of the prize.

Although it might look like a simple trophy, the level of detail in the 3D render of the coral reefs is incredible. Apart from being able to provide the aesthetics required by the client, he was also able to create his design in a way that could be printed efficiently and cost-effectively. The final design was within the limitations of a 250mm cube build volume for 3D printing.

4) sherifelsheikh

A photo of the Floating Seed Sprouter created on Autodesk Inventor.

Sherifelsheikh is a retired mechanical engineer based in Alexandria, Egypt. He has over forty years of experience in the industry and is an expert in AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and more. Sherifelsheikh is a Top Designer and is ranked in the top twenty designers in Cad Crowd. He has won five gold, one silver, and sixteen finalist awards in Cad Crowd design competitions.

Among the most exciting designs by sherifelsheikh is his entry for a Floating Seed Sprouter contest. His entry met the client’s exact specifications from how large it would be, how the device would stay afloat, how the roots could get through, and how to keep the seed in place.

In the end, the client went for a design that met the goals but with entirely different specs. Nevertheless, sherifelsheikh’s entry still won second place. He created his designs on Autodesk Inventor and was able to make an entry ready for 3D-printed prototyping, and then mass production though plastic mold manufacturing.

5) jnatzic

A photo of the Bike Trailer created on Autodesk Inventor.

Jnatzic is a US-based mechanical engineer and is a Cad Crowd Top Designer. Ranked number one on Cad Crowd, jnatzic has won sixty-eight gold, one silver, three bronze, and ninety-five finalist awards. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico Tech and has over six years of experience working with tools like SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor.

With all the winning designs in his portfolio, it’s difficult to choose just one to feature. But, undoubtedly, his design for a bike trailer deserves recognition. For this contest, the client wanted a folding bike trailer that could double as a beach wagon, kid rider, grocery cart, etc.

Additionally, it needed to be lightweight yet have a payload capacity high enough to carry up to four kids. Lastly, it needed to be corrosion-resistant. Using Autodesk Inventor, jnatzic was able to come up with the winning design and went on to work closely with the client to further develop the product for a design prototype and then for manufacturing.

6) RBLdesign

A photo of the Marine Hose Nozzle created on SolidWorks.

RBLdesign is a Cad Crowd Top Designer from Milano, Italy. Ranked globally in the Top 20, RBLdesign has won a total of eight gold, one silver, and sixteen finalist awards in Cad Crowd design competitions. He specializes in 3D Studio Max and SolidWorks.

RBLdesign’s works vary from cat-shaped bongs to luxury smartphones. But among his most successful 3D CAD projects is a marine hose nozzle that’s meant to be used by boaters. A key feature of his design was that, in case it was accidentally dropped, it could not possibly damage the expensive surfaces of boats. The rest of the features were similar to your typical premium garden hose nozzle.

For this project, RBLdesign created a 3D render on SolidWorks. Then, he prepared an animated presentation on KeyShot6. That won him the first prize and went on to develop the design further for manufacturing.


A photo of the Three-Wheel Portable Scooter created on AutoCAD.

REDA is a product designer based in Nantes, France. As one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers, he has won a total of fourteen gold, one silver, two bronze, and thirty-six finalist awards. REDA is the third-ranked designer in Cad Crowd and specializes in product design, CAD design, and 3D modeling.

Among REDA’s most impressive 3D CAD designs is a 3-wheel portable scooter, which was developed for a Cad Crowd contest. The scooter needed two front wheels and a single rear wheel. There were no set preferences as to the steering. The client’s main design requirement was for the scooter to be lightweight and portable with a sleek, modern design.

REDA provided seven different models, all realistically rendered in AutoCAD. In all his designs, he was able to make sure that the final product would be something that was easy to manufacture using aluminum and off-the-shelf parts. In the end, one of his entries won the first prize.

8) CBee18

A photo of the Klein Two-Way Radio created on Autodesk Fusion 360.

CBee18, from Woking, United Kingdom, is a Cad Crowd Top Designer. Globally ranked in the top 100, they have won a total of two gold, two silver, and five finalist awards. CBee18 has more than ten years of experience and specializes in Alphacam, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and many more.

Among CBee18’s best designs is a two-way radio housing developed for Klein Electronics. Through this design, they were able to provide a rugged walkie-talkie face design that included an LCD readout for essential indicators as well as hardware buttons for channels, volume, and power. The final design also made way for a headset jack and charger contacts at the back of the unit. CBee18 developed their design on Autodesk Fusion 360 and won 2nd place.

9) Harjeet Sharma

A photo of the Alcoholic Beverage Bottle Design created on Siemens Unigraphics NX.

Harjeet Sharma is a product designer and freelance mechanical engineer from Delhi, India. A Cad Crowd Top Designer, Harjeet is ranked in the top 100 designers and has won one gold and five finalist awards in design competitions. He is an expert in CAD design, 3D modeling, and 3D product design.

Among Harjeet Sharma’s most impressive works is a plastic bottle design for an herbal-infused alcoholic beverage. He won 1st place out of 67 entries submitted for the design contest. Apart from developing an attractive and functional bottle, his entry proved to be appropriate for commercial manufacturing.

Through this contest, Harjeet Sharma wasn’t just able to show off his talent for product design but also his ability to develop ideas based on detailed specifications while considering the importance of commercial feasibility. He was also able to demonstrate his impressive talent in Siemens Unigraphics NX, for which he has gained certification from NIEDS, one of the most reputed CAD Institutes in India.

10) Eira

A photo of the Dragon Head Pendant and Charm.

Eira is a Cad Crowd Top Designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have won a total of three gold, one silver, one bronze, and thirteen finalist awards; earning enough skill points to be ranked 38th among Cad Crowd designers. Eira specializes in product design and 3D modeling and is an expert in using AutoCAD, Autodesk Maya, and SolidWorks.

Eira’s portfolio shows off their talent for designing plastic products. But, among their best works is a piece of jewelry designed specifically with men’s tastes in mind. This specific piece was meant for casting in stainless steel. Then, it would be plated with either silver or gold, and then accented with black coloring.

With a number of realistic 3D renders, Eira proposed separate designs for a dragon head pendant and a punisher skull. They even developed a logo for the client, Dragon Ice. Their entire work, Dragon Head and Punisher Skill Pendant and Charm, won the first prize in the blind contest for which it was made.

11) Anwar DM

A photo of the XPRIZE Trophy for Off-Grid Energy created on SolidWorks.

Anwar DM is a 3D modeler and product development specialist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers, he has won two gold and four finalist awards in design competitions. Anwar has over four years of experience in his field and is an expert in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Keyshot, and many others.

Anwar DM’s portfolio includes a wide variety of projects, from wooden crates to 3D printers. But among his best works is an entry for the XPRIZE Visioneering Trophy for Off-Grid Energy Access. It is one of six prestigious awards given to people presenting the best solutions to some of the world’s most significant environmental problems.

His design, which was excellently rendered on SolidWorks, is bright yellow with red and black accents. It shows a house sitting atop the base, with a solar panel and the sun up on its roof. Apart from hitting the design specs right on the nail, it won first prize for also being simple to produce with minimal material.

12) arkiattack

A photo of the Space Wipes.

Cad Crowd Top Designer arkiattack is just shy of breaking the top 50 in the global rankings. Based in Orizaba, Mexico, she has won a total of three gold, one silver, one bronze, and ten finalist awards in design competitions. She specializes in 3D modeling, concept design, industrial design, and is an expert user of AutoCAD, Blender, and SolidWorks.

Arkiattack has a number of winning portfolio pieces, including a utensil set made for children and a wearable pill organizer. But although her Space Wipes design wasn’t created as a contest entry, it is arguably one of her most exciting works.

The Space Wipes design by arkiattack is for a tin toy that doubles as a wipe dispenser. The 3D render of her idea shows a rocket ship made with vintage toy aesthetics. The wipes are pulled out one at a time at the back of the rocket where fuel should be burning. That gives a simple wipe dispenser a fun and colorful container.

13) MS22 Design

A photo of the Swimming Pool Lazy River Machine created on AutoCAD and Creo Parametric.

MS22 Design is a Cad Crowd Top Designer from Chennai, India. He specializes in mechanical engineering as well as all types of product and industrial design. MS22 Design is an expert in, among others, 3D modeling and CAD design; and specializes in working with KeyShot, SolidWorks, as well as Creo Parametric.

Although it wasn’t chosen as the winning entry in the design contest for which it was made, MS22 Design’s skin for a backyard swimming pool lazy river machine shows his knack for industrial design as well as his skills in AutoCAD and Creo Parametric.

The design for the unit, which is meant to mount onto existing pool decks, perfectly camouflages the machinery so that it doesn’t distract from the pool’s aesthetic. It is made with a modern style with plenty of organic curves. While it may not have received the first prize, it definitely ticks all the client’s boxes and does so for both form and function.

14) Manikadan Sureshbabu

A photo of the Electronics Enclosure.

Manikadan Sureshbabu is a mechanical design engineer based in Coimbatore, India. A Cad Crowd Top Designer, he is ranked 143 overall and has won one gold and two finalist awards in design competitions. Manikadan specializes in 3D product design and 3D modeling and is an expert in KeyShot and SolidWorks.

While Manikadan Sureshbabu has won first prize in a design contest, one of his more interesting works was not chosen as a winning entry. It is for an enclosure made for Shepherd AI, a company that uses artificial intelligence technology to combat sexual assault in the workplace.

Through his electronics enclosure design, what Manikadan Sureshbabu was able to accomplish was an enclosure that could discreetly house the sensors placed in the ceilings of businesses and offices. That was a key specification of the client, knowing that its purpose is incredibly sensitive and that AI is not yet widely accepted as a means of monitoring people. Although his design was incredibly simple, his entries show great skill in 3D rendering and product conceptualization, keeping in mind the feasibility for mass production.

15) helghast

A photo of the Russian Doll 3D Cylinder Maze.

Helghast, who calls Makati, Philippines their home, is a CAD design specialist and one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers. They have won a total of three gold and four finalist awards; earning them a global ranking of 79 with a total of 365 points.

Of helghast’s three winning entries, their design for a Russian Doll 3D Cylinder Maze definitely deserves mention. It was developed for a blind contest that they won first place for, beating five other capable designers for the only prize.

Helghast’s design includes three nesting 3D mazes and a solid storage casing. Each cylinder has a unique maze and could fit entirely inside the next so that the housing could hold all three and become a single unit. Apart from the incredibly realistic renders, helghast was able to provide complete 3D designs that were ready to print for manufacturing.

16) Design Territory

A photo of the Control Box with Display created on SolidWorks.

Design Territory is a freelance product design engineer from Mumbai, India. As one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers, they have won two gold and four finalist awards, garnering over 300 skill points for a global ranking of 93. Design Territory is a Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE).

In a design contest for a control box with display and fitting on DIN rail, Design Territory boasts their incredible talent on SolidWorks. UGreen, a company that has garnered an outstanding reputation in the field of professional multimedia connectivity for the past decade, hosted the contest. Beating out 43 other remarkable entries, Design Territory’s entry was chosen for the first prize.

Undoubtedly one of the reasons why Design Territory won this contest was because of their photorealistic 3D renders. They were able to not only conceptualize the control box based on the exact specs that UGreen had asked for but also render it in a way that deserves great appreciation.

17) Mecanikad

A photo of the Premium Urethane Dumbbell created on SolidWorks.

Mecanikad is a mechanical engineer and product designer from Orleans, France. He has won one gold, two silver, and five finalist awards earning him a Top Designer label at Cad Crowd. Mecanikad specializes in 3D design, 3D modeling services, and 3D rendering and is an expert in AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks.

Mecanikad has developed 3D designs for a wide variety of products – from bank vault doors to saxophone breathing aids. Among his most recognized works are for a spherical pendant and a urinal puck cage. But perhaps his best work on Cad Crowd so far is his entry for a New Dumbbell Line contest.

Plenty of dumbbells exist in the market today and they pretty much all look the same. In the contest, Mecanikad beat out over a hundred other entries in developing a new, modern design for premium fixed-weight urethane dumbbells. Through his impressive skill in SolidWorks, he was able to create 3D renders that earned him the top prize.

18) RRM

A photo of the Hard Hats created on CATIA.

RRM, who calls Trivandrum, India home, is a freelance 3D designer with a background in mechanical engineering. One of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers, they have won two gold and two finalist awards in design competitions. RRM is an expert in AutoCAD, CATIA, SolidWorks, Keyshot, and 3ds Max.

RRM’s portfolio and collection of contest entries boast their talent in mechanical design. But one of their best works is actually for something much more simple – an updated hard hat design developed for a Cad Crowd design contest. The contest was held to develop a new, more stylish hard hat. RRM’s entry showed their skill not just in the product design process, but more specifically in using CATIA.

The hard hat developed by RRM won the contest’s first prize. Its style was for a full brim and cap, similar to the hard hats commonly used in construction environments. But, theirs features a decorative design akin to those typically found in racing helmets.

19) Sergui.Nasta

A photo of the Kettlebell Designs created on ZBrush.

Sergui.Nasta, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania is a Cad Crowd Top Designer. Globally ranked number 7, Sergui has won a total of fourteen gold, one silver, one bronze, and forty-one finalist awards in design competitions. They are an expert in 3ds Max, Rhinoceros, and KeyShot, among many others.

Sergui.Nasta’s portfolio is filled with designs for mechanical and electronic equipment. However, one of their most impressive works is actually for a set of kettlebells. Among the many design software that Sergui.Nasta is skilled in is ZBrush, and it’s apparent in his work for his kettlebell designs.

The contest for which Sergui.Nasta made their design called for seven different 3D characters corresponding to seven different weights. So, the result was unlike typical kettlebells you’d find at the gym. There were two skulls, two scary clowns, one demon, one Japanese demon, and a hand grenade. Without a doubt, it was Sergui.Nasta’s impressive ZBrush work that won him the first prize.

20) Mahan

A photo of the Laptop Stand created on SolidWorks.

Cad Crowd Top Designer Mahan is a mechanical engineer hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. He has won two gold and three finalist awards in design competitions. Mahan specializes in product development and mechanical design and has ten years of experience in the field.

Mahan’s portfolio boasts his aptitude for plastics tooling design. Among his best works is for a folding laptop stand, which won him the first prize in a Cad Crowd design contest. His entry, which was skillfully developed on SolidWorks, showed a single flat unit with legs that can fold out from underneath it. Then, the legs further fold out to provide a platform on either side of the laptop stand.

The entire concept can fold into a single, flat piece so it can easily be stored or transported. By winning the contest, Mahan was able to give the client a new concept for a laptop stand that’s lightweight, durable, and inexpensive to manufacture.


A photo of the Mounthoscope.

FALKOR is a group of freelance product designers and mechanical engineers from Rabat, Morocco. They are one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers and have won one gold and two finalist awards in design competitions. FALKOR specializes in 3D modeling, 3D visualizations, and 3D CAD design and are experts in CAD software such as CATIA, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD.

FALKOR’s portfolio and collection of contest entries are filled with excellent examples of their talents. But perhaps their most impressive work so far is for the Mounthoscope.

The Mounthoscope is a device that works in combination with the Apple Watch. It serves as a practical ECG monitor that rides on the watch’s built-in optical heart sensor. When attached to an Apple Watch, two ECG leads connect with the watch’s electrodes. That way, when the device is placed on a person’s chest, it will be able to read the electrical activity of the person’s heart. The data could then be transmitted to other people, such as medical specialists.

22) unocuatro

A photo of the Marijuana Hood Ornament.

Unocuatro is a mechanical engineer based in San Cristobal, Venezuela. As one of the Top Designers at Cad Crowd, they have won three gold and four finalist awards. Unocuatro earned their Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017 and is an expert in CAD design and SolidWorks.

Unocuatro’s winning works are varied – from structure rendering to shop display designing. However, it is their Marijuana Leaf Hood Ornament that really shows their advanced skill level in CAD design. The hood ornament is made of metal in chrome finish. It shows a 3D marijuana leaf encircled by a ring, all of which sits on a circular base.

This marijuana leaf hood ornament was created by unocuatro for a design contest. For their entry, they developed two versions: one with five leaves and another with seven leaves. In the end, they beat 18 other entries and won the first prize.

23) Harry S.

A photo of the Underwater Modular Drone created on 3ds Max.

Harry S., hailing from Semarang, Indonesia, has won one gold and one finalist award in design competitions at Cad Crowd. Globally ranked in the top 200, Harry S. is one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers. He is an expert in CAD and product design using 3D Studio Max and SolidWorks.

Among all his entries, Harry S.’s deservedly won the first prize for an underwater modular drone design contest. The drone is meant to be assembled using different modules so users can customize their own units since every module can fit each other. The modules he designed for this contest included a bow, which held the propulsion system; a sonar; a basket; a continuum arm; a battery; and a stern, which kept the sensors and cameras.

Futuristic as the project might be, Harry S. was able to deliver a realistic design that would be feasible to manufacture. Through this contest, he clearly showed his skill in 3ds Max as well as in building a product based on the client’s detailed specifications.

24) Gayu Falah

A photo of the Cutomizable Headphones created on SolidWorks.

Gayu Falah is a CAD design and packaging design specialist based in Depok, Indonesia. With two gold, one silver, and five finalist awards to his name, Gayu Falah has earned the Top Designer label at Cad Crowd. He is an expert in using SolidWorks, CATIA, and KeyShot.

Although they consider themselves a packaging design specialist, Gayu Falah’s collection of winning works clearly shows their talent for designing audio or multimedia devices. They have won second place for a wired earphones design and first place for a unique Bluetooth speaker. But their most impressive work must be their design for customizable headphones, which won the first prize as well.

Gayu Falah’s Customizable Headphone Design contest entry was created on SolidWorks. He was able to provide high-quality 3D renders and STL files that were ready for 3D printing. Additionally, he was able to meet the client’s specific design objectives – one of which was to make sure the headphone caps could easily be replaced with different designs.

25) Stella X

A photo of the Butterfly Cufflinks.

Stella X is a 3D design expert and Cad Crowd Top Designer from Halifax, Canada. Ranked 73rd globally, Stella has won one gold and four finalist awards in design competitions. They specialize in the whole 3D design process and can help clients turn their ideas into finished products.

Apart from a few industrial design products, Stella X’s portfolio and collection of contest entries are filled with little trinkets and jewelry. Among her best works is a design for butterfly cufflinks. Although seemingly simple, the elegant design of her stylish cufflinks is impressive. They are of two butterflies, one showing more texture than the other. They are not only easy to put on and off but should also be easy to manufacture because of their small and simple composition.

These 25 designers have proven their skill not only in 3D CAD but also in designing new products. Anyone of them should be able to help you with any of your product development and 3D rendering needs. But if you’re still unsure of who you should work with, try posting a contest. Designers will submit their work according to your specs, and you can choose the one you like best.