Where to Find 3D Rendering Jobs for 3D CAD Freelancers Online?

Where to Find 3D Rendering Jobs for 3D CAD Freelancers Online_

In today’s world of business, the way that we hire staff has changed. The internet has opened up a whole new type of employment opportunity—freelancing. Freelancing is hugely popular and has become a viable means of business. Instead of employing full-time staff, a business can enlist the services of a freelancer; this helps reduce cost, improve efficiency, and also ensures a high level of quality work.

If you require any type of 3D imaging or modeling such as 3D rendering, there is a multitude of quality platforms available. These websites facilitate the hiring process and enable businesses to quickly enlist the help of 3D rendering specialists. This can have a great impact on business efficiency and also help improve your services.

In this article, we take a look at freelancing in general. Furthermore, we provide a wealth of information relating to freelance 3D rendering services and suitable platforms.

A Brief Introduction to the World of Freelance 3D Rendering

First, let’s look at freelancing and 3D rendering. It is essential to understand this process—what it involves, how it works, and what benefits it has to offer to your business.   

3d rendering by Kankana

What Is Freelance 3D Rendering?

Freelancing is the process by which an individual undertakes sub-contracted work for other businesses. This person does not work for one single company—they are effectively self-employed. A freelancer may have hundreds of different clients who they provide work for. Some jobs may be recurring, while others are one-off requirements.

A 3D home rendering freelancer specializes in 3D rendering. This individual will have skills and qualifications relating specifically to this field of work. They may have previous experience in the industry, or have even worked for a design company. Whatever their background, the freelancer should be able to provide high-quality 3D renders for your business.

In addition to this, a 3D rendering freelancer may have skills and qualifications in other areas of design too. In most instances, the freelancer will have experience in multiple disciplines—this is so that they can take additional work and appeal to a wider range of clients.

For example, a rendering specialist could also offer 3D modeling, general digital design, and even CAD services. It is worth checking what skills a freelancer has aside from rendering—you could utilize them for other work too.   

How Does This Process Work?

Let’s say that you require 3D rendering services. You decide to use a freelancer instead of hiring a member of staff. First and foremost, you would hire a freelancer. To do this, you would use a freelance platform such as Cad Crowd. We have outlined the common process in six steps below:

  1. Register with a freelance platform
  2. Post a job listing
  3. Review candidates and choose a freelancer
  4. Provide any details relating to the job
  5. Wait for the freelancer to complete and submit the work
  6. Review the work and complete the contract if satisfied

As you can see, this is straightforward. The first time always takes a little longer as you initially have to register with the platform. Once this is done, and you are used to creating a job post, you will fly through the process. Providing that you have given sufficient information, you can leave the freelancer to complete the work within the deadline specified.

Usually, the whole job is facilitated through the platform, but the freelancer and business may choose to communicate in additional means too. If you as a business are not satisfied with the work, you can request changes to be made. Payment is generally only made once the 3D rendering is accepted, and you are happy with the work provided.

In most instances, the platform will charge some form of administration fee or commission. It is advisable to understand the associated fees when registering with a platform. This will give you a clear idea of what you may have to pay as a business in addition to the work itself.

Why Is Freelancing Beneficial for Businesses?

3D rendering by Ronaldo

As you can see, this is a straightforward process. Using a freelance service such as Cad Crowd offers the following benefits:

  • No need to pay a full employee salary
  • Less HR and administration work
  • Fewer business costs
  • Quicker process to gain quality rendering
  • Allows the business to concentrate on other tasks

The benefits are real and varied. First and foremost, the main benefit is cost. If you hired a member of staff specifically for 3D rendering, you would have to pay a full annual salary. This could be overkill, especially if you don’t often use 3D rendering. Furthermore, there are costs associated with administration and HR work.

Secondly, using a freelancer speeds up the whole process. As we mentioned above, freelance platforms are easy to use and efficient. A business can hire a freelancer and obtain completed work with minimal effort in the timeframe they specify. For example, if you needed a quick turnaround and wanted a 3D render creating in a few days, using a platform you could easily find an individual who could facilitate this.

Thirdly, by hiring a 3D modeling freelancer to complete any rendering work, the other employees of your business can concentrate on their work. There is no need to get involved with the rendering process—simply hire a freelancer and let them do their job. Essentially, using a freelancer speeds up your whole business process.

Finally, tying into the first point, a business is only paying for what work they require. There is effectively no wasted expenditure. If you require one 3D render of a building interior, for example, that is all you would pay for—no extra costs, just a set free for the work required.

The benefits are many, and in today’s competitive market, any advantage a business can gain is important.

Top Platforms to Hire 3D Rendering Freelancers

3D CAD Modeling and Rendering Models by Hi-Tech CADD Services

You should now have a clear idea of how freelancing works. Furthermore, you should understand why using a freelancer is beneficial for your business. But where can you find the best 3D rendering freelancers? It’s not just a simple case of searching the web—this is where freelance platforms prove invaluable.

Platforms such as Cad Crowd and UpWork bring together professional freelancers with businesses that require their services. This takes away much of the effort and work involved. Using such a platform offers a simple solution. It is possible to sign up to a platform and hire a 3D rendering specialist within minutes. Furthermore, the platform provides certain guarantees and offers a safety net for both the freelancer and business.

To help, we have created a list of 10 top freelance platforms. Each one of these platforms provides quality service and can connect you to 3D rendering specialists:   

Cad Crowd

Cad Crowd offers a myriad of on-demand services for your projects including 3D rendering, 3D modeling, CAD design, and general 3D design. This platform has worked with a variety of organizations and businesses such as Tiffany & Co. and Tupperware. Furthermore, Cad Crowd has a large group of expert designers who have a proven track record—25,000+ to be exact.

Aside from the large supply of quality designers, Cad Crowd also offers a fast and simple hiring process. Businesses can create anything from simple job listings, ongoing work projects, and even design contests. And how does this platform ensure high levels of quality for both 3D residential rendering freelancers and the completed work? They use an in-house quality team that distributes the job requests to suitable freelancers.

Examples of rendering services this business provides include architectural renders, interior design, landscape rendering, 360-degree panoramas, aerial rendering, and 3D real estate rendering. Basically, any type of rendering your business requires, this platform can provide an expert rendered to complete the work.

3D Rendering by Ronaldo

This platform also benefits from its specialization—some of the platforms listed below cover a huge array of different industries and disciplines. Cad Crowd specializes in design, however, and offers greater knowledge and skills relating to 3D rendering.   


UpWork is one of the most popular and best-known freelance platforms available. This platform used to be known as O-Desk in years past. It has one of the largest customer and freelancer user bases available. Thousands of freelancers regularly apply for jobs and thousands of businesses and agencies look for potential work.

This platform covers a huge array of different job requirements, including admin, design, writing, software development, accounting, legal, data science, sales, marketing, customer service, content creation, engineering, and translation. Basically, any type of industry you can imagine where freelance work is prevalent. To give you a perspective of the scope of UpWork, it has five million+ businesses that have used the platform—this scale cannot easily be ignored.

It should also be noted that UpWork facilitates both agencies and businesses—this means that you could hire the services of a design agency, who would then provide one of their design team to complete the 3D rendering for you. UpWork offers competitive rates due to the high volume of freelancers available—the downside is that this can sometimes prolong the recruitment process as a business has to sift through a huge array of applications. 


Freelancer.com is a popular competitor to UpWork and another platform that offers a multitude of different services. Some would say this is a downside as a specialized business such as Cad Crowd can offer greater industry knowledge. Regardless, Freelancer.com has a large database of both businesses and talented freelancers.

Businesses can find work on anything from web design, mobile app development, and PHP scripts, to logo design, 3D rendering, and Amazon Web Services. The platform is extremely easy to use and a business can quickly create a new job listing and have freelancers applying in no time at all.

Aside from the wealth of available talent, Freelancer also offers great security and business reassurance. Payment systems are secure, and there is a support team on hand 24/7 to sort any issues. Once a project is underway, you can track progress, make contact with the freelancer, and even engage in a live chat with them. This gives a great level of flexibility and control over your 3D rendering project.

Finally, Freelancer has been used by a host of popular companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Intel, and MetLife.


Box rendering and Enhancement by JoselitoLeyco

Peopleperhour is a trusted platform that was founded in 2007. Since then, the business has facilitated over one million freelance jobs and created a fantastic reputation. Furthermore, the platform has received excellent reviews from Bloomberg, Forbes, and the BBC. In addition to this, it has a 4-star rating on trust pilot.

In terms of the actual platform, Peopleperhour has all the features you would expect to effectively hire 3D rendering services. Businesses can quickly create job listings for their 3D rendering projects. The platform then uses AI technology to suggest suitable candidates for the role—this means you don’t have to spend time searching through profiles and looking for the right individual. Effective communication between the 3D rendering specialist and business is then possible to ensure the job is progressing as desired.

Everything about Peopleperhour is user-friendly and has been carefully crafted to provide an efficient process for businesses. Moreover, the rates are generally competitive due to the volume of available talent. Peopleperhour is certainly on par with both UpWork and Freelancer in terms of offering a generic freelance service for 3D rendering.


Hired.com offers something slightly different. This company brings together businesses with potential new talent for employment. If you are specifically looking to hire a 3D rendering specialist, using a platform such as Hired is a great way to do so.

This company operates across North American and facilitates employment in this industry in 15 different cities. They bring together 3D rendering designers and businesses for both actual employment, and remote contracted work too. Although not suitable for hiring freelancers for one-off jobs, Hired.com is a great way to find talent for long-term projects and for larger businesses who can afford to hire a dedicated member of staff for this work.


As the name suggests, Guru has a huge group of exceptionally talented freelancers available for your 3D rendering requirements. The platform itself looks extremely similar to UpWork’s website. Furthermore, the service offered is quite similar. As a business, you can connect with over 800,000 potential freelancers.

Available industries and disciplines include programming, development, writing, design, art, admin, sales, business, and engineering. In the design and art section specifically, Guru.com has over 200,000 available freelancers. Subjects covered include 3D rendering, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and generic 3D design services.

Their 3D rendering page has some useful information and has a host of top-rated 3D designers who you can select for projects immediately. Within the sector of 3D rendering, you can find freelancers for CAD, CAM, architectural renders, render conversions, and more.

The platform is straightforward and contains a myriad of features for both businesses and freelancers to use. Moreover, Guru has an excellent reputation and is one of the most credible platforms available. It offers a combination of great value, a wide selection of quality freelancers, and a secure, easy-to-use website.


3D Rendering by Ronaldo

This is an organization based in Poland that facilitates communication between freelancers and businesses, specifically for 3D design. The website is extremely easy to use—it is possibly one of the easiest platforms available. Businesses can quickly look for specific designers for their projects—there is a host of search filter features that allow businesses to quickly find a suitable 3D rendering specialist.

Furthermore, it is easy to create new 3D rendering projects for freelancers to view. The project creation follows a set process—first complete a design brief. Secondly, wait for applications to be received. Businesses can then review the applications and choose a suitable freelancer. After this, the business can continue to work with the freelancer and check on the progress of their 3D rendering project.

The only issue with Freelancers3D.com is that it has a much smaller user base than many of the other platforms on this list. If you want a large variety of 3D rendering freelancers to choose from, a platform such as Cad Crowd could be a better choice.


Easyrender is another small scale platform that specializes in all things rendering. This platform based in Switzerland connects with 3D artists from over 60 countries. The wealth of talent isn’t huge compared to UpWork or Guru. However, the freelancers applying for jobs are specifically looking for 3D rendering work. This means that you can quickly hire a freelancer for your work without having to sift through hundreds of applications from people who aren’t really qualified.

The process is extremely simple. Firstly, a business must complete an online form detailing their project requirements. This can include files and other relevant information. Secondly, freelancers will then apply for your project and submit their application. Within 48 hours you can expect to receive a host of applications ready for your approval or dismissal. The whole process is easy and takes no time at all.

This organization facilitates services for 3D artists, 3D visualizations, 3D rendering, architectural visualization, and interior design services to name a few professions. As with Freelancers3D, Easyrender.com does not have the scope and availability that other larger platforms have. A business can still effectively find 3D rendering services however and receive quality work.


Creativepool is a global network of creative freelancers. This is a superb platform that gives 3D rendering designers inspiration but also allows them to connect with businesses for projects. Businesses can create job listings and easily find industry-leading talent.

The website looks fantastic and modern. Moreover, it is easy to use and has a clean interface. Creativepool is a relatively small operation compared to other platforms such as UpWork and Guru. It can still yield fantastic results, however, and connect businesses with high-quality 3D rendering specialists.

Hubstaff Talent

3D Rendering service Provider by Chandresh Chudasama

Hubstaff Talent is a platform for freelancers and businesses to come together for common benefit. Business owners can quickly find talent for their 3D rendering projects. It works much in the same way as UpWork and other similar platforms. The 3D rendering section has freelancers from over 60 countries, and hundreds of available artists to apply for jobs.

You can look at each freelancer’s profile and see their work history, skills, and examples of completed jobs. Moreover, you can look at their rating and see their average hourly rates.

Although Hubstaff Talent does advertise jobs for other industries and disciplines, it does have a comprehensive 3D rendering section. Furthermore, the freelancers listed are quality and offer competitive rates. 


Finally, we have CGTrader, this is again a specialist platform that offers something different to the other services like Peopleperhour and Guru. CGTrader is a marketplace that businesses can purchase 3D models, 3D renders, and other 3D designs. Furthermore, it is a place where 3D freelancers can sell their work.

There is a vast array of digital artwork for sale. Moreover, there are hundreds of different categories including textures, aircraft, animals, architecture, interiors, exteriors, cars, characters, electronics, food, furniture, household, and industrial, to name a few. There are plenty more categories—each one has hundreds of submitted models and images for sale.

The marketplace is easy to browse through. Businesses can filter their search criteria by price, category, and specific details relating to the file type and polygon count. This gives an excellent degree of control and allows businesses to quickly find 3D renders that they require. It is also possible to talk to the artists and discuss modifications to the design. This is a great platform to use as a starting place to find 3D rendering services.

Moreover, the platform has regular deals and has a myriad of useful features for both freelancers and businesses looking for work. If you don’t really have a clear idea of what rendering you require, or simply need inspiration, CGTrader is a great source of information.

Hire a Freelance 3D Rendering Specialist Today and Improve Your Business Prospects

As you can see, there is a huge array of different websites available. We understand that it can be difficult to choose a platform—how do you know which one can service your business needs? How do you know which websites are reliable and will connect you with the talent you require? Don’t worry—the information we have given should enable you to make an informed choice.

Also remember that Cad Crowd specializes in 3D rendering and other digital services such as CAD design, 3D interior design, and 3D modeling. Our service is effective and we liaise with thousands of professional freelancers to bring you the best solution. If you need 3D rendering services, sign up to our platform today and we can facilitate your business requirements.