20+ Free 3D Printable Designs and CAD Files for You to Download Now

20+ Free 3D Printable Designs and CAD Files for You to Download Now

If you’re looking for fun or useful items you can print with your 3D printer, Cad Crowd has an amazing selection of free, 3D printable designs you can get started with right now. These free 3D models are all meant to be used with a 3D printer, so you can explore the many possibilities available to you.

Whether you’re concerned about the pandemic or simply want a handy tool for your home, we have over 20 free 3D printable designs available for download.

Coronavirus-Related 3D Printable Designs

Many of the CAD services professionals who offer up 3D printable designs have the current pandemic on their mind. Because so many of them have created 3D printable designs around the coronavirus, we have divided up our 3D printable recommendations into two categories: coronavirus-related and other.

3D Printable Key Ring by Rahul7k


This key ring isn’t just a decoration for your house keys—it’s a useful tool that can help limit your contact with infected surfaces. It can be used to open doors without you having to make direct contact with them, as well as for touching other high contact surfaces such as elevator buttons.

3D Printable Paper-Case by Rahul7k


Another common high contact surface is the paperwork used in banks and offices. Passing paper from hand to hand can spread germs. This 3D printable case is designed to make transferring paperwork contactless.

Grocery Basket Hook by penauleau


Many grocery stores are sanitizing baskets after every use, but just as many are not. The drafting services expert that created this 3D design, allows users to avoid touching the grocery basket at all with this simple hook that allows you to carry the basket without touching it.

Bandana Face Mask Clip by penauleau


If you can’t find a face mask, this simple mask clip can turn any bandana or piece of cloth into a face mask!

Eye Shield by Rodirgosousa


Your hands aren’t the only way COVID-19 can enter your body. It can also enter through your eyes. This eye shield is designed to help to protect your face in a pinch, in combination with a face mask. Its normal use is, of course, protection during science experiments and projects.

Watch Hook by Muntazir Merchant


This hook is designed for pushing buttons and opening doors, but instead of hooking to your keys, it can be attached to your watch. If you seldom carry keys on you but always have a watch, this watch hook is for you.

No Touch Door and Faucet Handle by Mahbub


Not only can this 3D printable download help you turn faucets without having to touch them, but it can also help with doors too. It’s also very small and you can slip it into your pocket when not in use.

No Touch Multi Purpose Attachment by From_the_designers_bay


COVID-19 is going to be around for a while longer. This adaptation for a door knob is meant for the long term, allowing people to turn the knob with their elbow instead of their hands. Your elbow is a much safer way to touch high contact surfaces.

This keeps your hands cleaner and thus less likely to pass infection into your body through your mouth, eyes, or nose.

No Touch Wearable Device by Huho Design


This fingerless glove allows you to perform many common functions such as turning on a faucet or pushing a button without having to use parts of your hand that are likely to touch your face. This is just another unique way of avoiding direct touch with high contact surfaces, and it’s easier to carry these around if you don’t happen to carry keys or wear a watch.

Hand Powered Ventilator by Muntazir


This amazing creation makes a ventilator just a 3D print away. The project creates a hand-powered ventilator designed to help COVID-19 patients, while at the same time making it easily accessible. It must be set up and adjusted by a professional, but after this, it can be operated by a layman.

Apollo 13 Style Face Mask by MaxAndSomeMolecules


If you can’t find a mask in stores right now, why not print your own? This mask doesn’t require any gluing or sewing and just needs a few common household items to help make it work appropriately.

The project can be made with 3D printed parts, a vacuum bag, a latex glove, and some USB cable. Instructions on how to assemble it are also available.

COVID-19 Mask by Shahrukh_khan


This face shield will help block respiratory droplets from hitting your face. Since it’s known that COVID-19 spreads through these droplets, this is an excellent way of reducing how much hits your face.

No Touch Smiley Face Bracelet by Fadi


While many of the items we have seen so far have been ways to limit contact for people who wish to avoid COVID-19, this bracelet is for those who a bit younger.

The cute bracelet is designed to remind forgetful teenagers and children not to touch high-contact surfaces—an important step to avoiding catching the novel coronavirus.

Hold My Door by GilarPanduA


Holding the door for someone has never been more dangerous. This door holder allows you to be polite and not touch anything all at the same time.

Hook Ring Collection by cristianonishi


If you need a hook to turn door handles, pick up items, or press buttons without actually touching that surface, there are a lot of options. What if you also want it to look like a beautiful and natural part of your collection? No-touch items don’t have to be ugly, and these hook rings are proof of that.

Hygiene Hook by tanishpatel


If you work in the medical field, you know the value of clean hands. This tool is designed to help people with sanitized hands manage doors and other surfaces that are not sterile. It’s a wonderful way to help keep patients safe, while still keeping hands sparkling clean.

Other Types of 3D Printable Objects

There are many different free downloadable items on Cad Crowd. Not all of them are related to COVID-19. These fun and trendy items are designed to hang out in your home, or do something useful for you.

Mug Hanger by anastasisc


Are you passionate about coffee, and maybe have too many mugs to show for it? This convenient mug hanger will keep them organized, and keep them at the ready for your next great cup of coffee. This hanger may also help reduce the space the mugs take up, giving you more counter or cabinet space.

Spatula Hanger by anastasisc


While you’re getting your mugs organized, why not have your spatulas at the ready too? Not only will this help you keep your spatulas organized, but it also gives you more space in your kitchen by taking advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen.

Fairy Lantern by LightandShadowDesigns


Is your child afraid of the dark? Do you need a quick night light to help them get to sleep? If your child is a fan of faeries, this beautiful lantern can help light up their dreams.

Simply print out this lantern and place a light under it. A whimsical faerie will decorate their walls and ceiling as they sleep.

Unicorn Lantern by LightandShadowDesigns


If your child isn’t a fan of faeries but loves unicorns, this unicorn lantern works in the same way. Print it out and put a light under it, and this unicorn can carry them to dreamland peacefully. Your child will love the beautiful decoration in their room, and you’ll love how easy it was to 3D print this fun new piece for their room.

Impossible Box by LightandShadowDesigns


Many people enjoy having entertainment in their office or living room to keep guests occupied while they wait for you. This impossible box is a visual puzzle that will keep your guests entertained, as well as serving as an icebreaker.

This is one puzzle, however, that won’t be solved any time soon. The ball is 3D printed inside of the box and can never escape.

Voronoi Lamp by LightandShadowDesigns


Another decorative lamp, this one can be used to provide accent lighting around your home. The globe and the base are printed separately to come out correctly. Real flames should not be used for lighting. Instead, use a safe form of light, such as an LED bulb.

There are dozens of beautiful and creative items available free for download on Cad Crowd. Many of them are designed for 3D printing and can do everything from keeping you safe during the pandemic to amaze and delight your kids.

No matter what you’re looking for, we hope you found something you like on this list and have new ideas for what you can do at home with your 3D printer.

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