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I am graduated in industrial automation and specialized in automotive engineering. I have been working in the automotive industry for the last 15 years. After working 2 years in Michigan, I speak fluent English. I also can speak and understand enough for a small conversation in Spanish, German, Italian and French. Most of my career was designing automotive parts and machine with a 3D engineering software named Catia. I also engaged on cost quotation and reduction, production automation and improvement. I also had traveled several times to Asia, Europe and the United States in search of new production technologies. - Automotive sheet metal parts, plastic parts, stamping tools, injection tools, A class surface, reverse engineering; - Ability to create clean models and construction tree that are easy for someone else to keep working on; - All my jobs are organized and simple, from assemblies, parts and skeletons. I do pay attention to details from naming standards to constraints between parts; - Beyond only working parametric, I focus on using boolean operation and work with solids (except when the customers or situation requires not to). Aiming on the clearest construction tree as possible; - I avoid shortcuts as removing faces that may damage the model in further operations; - Parts, assemblies, drafting and Kinematics;