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Sergiu Capatina
Project Manager GlobeZenit
September 2007 - Present
Managing projects as :

1. 3D point cloud registration and modeling

2. Mobile mapping - Clients in both public and private sectors rely on our expertise for the mapping of areas, buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, cables, pipelines and waterways.

3. Inventorization - Governments and companies have a lot of objects to manage. To do this in a more efficient way, there is an increasing need for the creation of geographic inventory
of objects so that they can be incorporated into a geographic information system (GIS) or a facility management system.

4. Pipeline Services - Assist pipeline owners and management companies with the inspection and maintenance of their pipeline systems.

5. Data conversion - Data conversion of geographic data is a challenge for many companies and not without risk. From in-depth analysis to smart strategies. From careful conversion to easy-reference reports. From paper maps, documents, electronic images to any type of digital file.

I have big experience in point cloud modelling software, such as: Leica Cyclone, Cloudworx for Microstation, Autocad, Revit, Terra Modeler, Terra Scan, Geopak. Registration of point cloud in Leica Cyclone, Cloud Compare, Autodesk Recap.
I work with input point clouds in any of the registered “PTX”, “PTS”, “PTG”, “ASC”, “FLS”, “XYZ”, “ZFC” or IMP formats. I have done modeling of buildings, refineries offshore, nuclear power plants, chemical/water treatment plants, cell towers, airports, roads, railways etc.

Save money on:
- Expensive Point cloud software.
- Traning costs
- Investing in expensive CAD software.

3D Models


  • Free International University of Moldova Management and Marketing 2010 graduation
  • Technical University of Moldova Industrial Engineering 2010 graduation
  • Free International University of Moldova Business Administration, Economics 2008 graduation

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