Mihai Bacrau
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27,984 / 37,550
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Tune up your projects with memorable industrial design and bring the products to life. From sketch to prototype, I help my clients to develop new products for our continuous adaptive world. I are here to study the latest design trends and create trustful products worthy for today’s competitive market.

I am a qualified Industrial Designer with a masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering with 10+ years of experience. My mission is to understand brand strategies and to fill the gap between the design requirements and technical development. The product comes to life when the forms, functions and features are put together respecting the rules of manufacturing.

My work is focused on creating a flawless design process that assures that the physical costly revisions are avoided. Having a technical core in the early design process is the true time and costs saver. Get in touch with me to discuss your product idea and benefit of my free product design and product development consultancy.