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I am a mechanical engineer with a degree from Virginia Tech with over 9 years of 3D modeling, prototyping, design and manufacturing experience. My expertise is in autodesk inventor, autoCAD, Altium circuit maker, PCB design and manufacturing, mechanical design and manufacturing. I have worked as an engineer for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in both design and manufacturing. Please contact me if you have any of the following needs:

1. Product design- full process from inception -> prototyping -> CAD modeling -> final production
2. CNC manufacturing (3D printing, 3D milling)
3. Sheet metal design (Water/Laser cutting)
4. CAD tutoring (Inventor, autoCAD, Curcuit maker)

Please see my attached photos of work I have done on past projects. There you can see how I've gone through the entire design and production process from both 3D mechanical CAD design to final production, as well as electrical CAD design to final production of functional PCB boards. Through this project you can see my understanding of both mechanics and electronics design.

3D Models


  • Virginia Tech B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2012 – 2017

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VA, United States