Hi I'm here to help any one get their work done by a profesional CNC programmer with great software. I successfully made prototypes at MIT and have professional references from students at MIT. I have my own software and know 5th axis programming with precise tolerance of .0003 I can program with CAMworks, MasterCAM, and Fusion 360 and Solid works. I have the latest cutting edge tool technologies and can work directly with tooling companies. I have machined everything from A to Z from the hardest materials such as Inconel to the softest and delicate as quartz glass to ceramics. So if you have a hard and complex project that needs to be machined and programmed then I'm your guy. Plus you will have the experience to work with someone who worked at MIT the actual birthplace of the NC program and other great prototypes


  • Machinist A Massachusetts Institute of Technology ยท Sep 2018 – Sep 2019 1 yrs Cambridge, MA, USA made prototypes and programmed with CNC software, reveresed engineered a few parts
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Boston, MA, United States