Global rank:
6,626 / 40,554
Skill pts: 5


I am a second year mechanical engineering student, I'm highly driven and passionate about engineering and design. My personal hobbies include amateur rocketry, homebrewing beer and wine, fishing and astronomy. Nearly all my hobbies include my engineering passion to some degree, I love to build my own equipment from scratch, my own rockets from scratch, my own fishing lures and tackle, and telescope mounts.

I currently work for a firm that designs, builds and certifies industrial lifting equipment. I've been involved in all aspects of the design process, from analyzing the factory/warehouse/site layout, determining adequacy of existing structures, creating weldments from structural steel to serve as load bearing members for cranes/ hoists, to finally the design of the under-the-hook lifting device (often using pneumatics or mechanical actuators).

In my personal life, I've designed my home brewery, including a converted chest freezer into keg refrigerator/beer dispenser, and a climate controlled mini-fermentation room with multiple chambers for different fermentation temperatures. I'm also currently working on a amateur rocket with the goal of reaching Mach 1, which has seen me utilizing a lot of 3D printing custom components suited to transonic speeds from different plastics.

My software proficiencies include:
- 3DS Solidworks
- Autodesk Inventor, 360 Fusion, and AutoCAD
- Microsoft Visual Basic
- Microsoft Office suite (especially Excel, Word and Access)


  • Conestoga College Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2022 graduation (expected)
Area of Expertise


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada