Global rank:
5,936 / 36,509
Skill pts: 5


I have been in the manufacturing field for 15 years. I have experience in many disciplines including Tool & Die, Injection Molding, Sheetmetal, Castings, 3D Printing, Medical, Aerospace, and Electronics Manufacturing. I am currently a Quality Engineer, and have experience with ISO9001, ISO13485, and AS9100 both on the mechanical and electronic side of the equation. As both a tool-maker machinist and a Quality Engineer, I have found my expertise quite intuitive to informing and consulting on the design of new products, the revision of existing products to aid manufacture, improve quality and reduce costs; and the design of fixturing and work-holding to facilitate general machining, quality assurance, and post-processing.

I currently freelance on the side and specialize in legacy CAD support, which is the generation of CAD files from prints that were drafted before CAD was ubiquitous, primarily for DoD and Aerospace related parts. I also design inspection fixtures utilizing the latest in 3D printing technology to help keep costs down and reduce turn-around time. I take on all types of new challenges, however, and have recently been helping a few customers out with floor and site plans to pull permits for residential and commercial building projects. Having been thoroughly exposed to and educated in Lean Methodologies (Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen, Kaikaku, Kanban), I can aid in the design of workspaces and floor layouts to reduce Muda, increase safety, and help facilitate JIT inventory levels.

I maintain subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud (I've been a Photoshop user for over 20 years), AutoDesk Design and Manufacturing Suite (Inventor, AutoCAD, ReCap), Revit, and can even help you formulate quality plans for new parts (InspectionXpert). I am also very proficient in creating standards and training documentation that is concise, intuitive, and invaluable in reducing scrap and improving product uniformity whether you have 2 shifts or 5.



Denver, CO, United States