David Ferguson

GB Clydebank, United Kingdom

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I am currently studying an HNC in CADD in which I am learning AutoCAD and Inventor. I am also teaching myself Maya in my spare time (currently focusing on modelling). I am looking for small jobs which would accelerate my learning, especially modelling jobs in Maya. I am comfortable with 2D drawings in AutoCAD so can take on those tasks with little worry. As I am still learning I have set lower rates to reflect that 1, I will take longer to complete the task, and 2, the job benefits my learning as well as your project. I am focused on quality and customer service. I may take a bit longer but I will strive do the job right first time, so any problems we may encounter with the job will be dealt with as a matter of priority, even after completion. I am contactable 7 days a week, evenings too, to discuss your needs.