I am Nikhil Rajput Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and passionate for designing in 2D and 3D softwares. I have completed my engineering and wish to continue to work in the engineering field with your reputed company in PRODUCT DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT and MANUFACTURING in Automotive or manufacturing industry.
I don't have any certified course in software but with my two years experience in Formula Vehicle Design and Manufacturing during my college year for SAEINDIA SUPRA 16 and 17 editions using CATIA/SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS I won't be lacking in software. I assure you that I will be dedicated and use my knowledge from vehicle design to work to my full potential.
I am a very fast learner and will complete my training sooner as my passion is designing.
As the Captain of my team during SUPRA 17 I have extensive knowledge of designing, simulating and developing every subsystems of the cars as I was working on them with my team mates.
This experience in Supra is a two years long with the most dedicated and hardworking phases in designing as well as manufacturing of the vehicle.
During the Captaincy, me along with one of my colleague have designed and manufactured an updated braking system which decreases the braking time and distance along with decreasing force applied by the driver.
Our Inverted braking system is under drafting and will soon be put up for Provisional Patent.

Please consider me for any suitable position in designing and manufacturing. My passion is Product Development which I did in Supra which I'd like to pursue in my Career.


  • University of Pune Bachelor's of Engineering , Mechanical 2018 graduation
Area of Expertise


Pune, Maharashtra, India