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I have a creative background involved with several aspects of three dimensional concept development.
I've made contributions to the visual design of industrial products, their associated development process and market implementation.

My Design experience involves a comprehensive approach, which includes activities such as; Concept Sketching, 3D Computer Modeling, Prototype Engineering,
Graphic Design, 3D CGI Rendering, CAD Drafting and Illustration,
Experience with Marketing includes; Package Design, Retail Display Design / Environmental Graphics and Instructional Publication.
Experience with Manufacturing includes; Shop Drawings, Production / Logistical Support Documentation. 3D Printing and CAD/CAM Machine Programming.

My recent work experience focuses on the production of metal products using Solidworks CAD.
This experience includes the development of Sheet Metal products such as, Computer Enclosures, Production Machinery, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, and Brewery Tanks.
I am looking for opportunities in these areas with a special interest in Industrial Design.
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Carson City, NV, United States